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today's soap operas

I've only watched the EKP clips from yesterday's and today's episodes of Alles Was Zahlt.  I'm not terrifically into those "renovations outfits" which make everyone look like big blue astronauts.  We did get to see a good bit of Deniz today, and that was nice.  I'm really not caring a whole lot what happens with Marian and Jenny as long as Deniz and Roman are happy for the moment.

Verbotene Liebe: Not a happy episode.  I'd guess that A. is feeling just sick over it.  I think I'll have to go back and watch episodes in which things were going much better to cheer me up.  Thore said he enjoyed playing the drama and angst -- I'm trying to keep that in mind.  (Actually, he said he liked playing jealous and aggressive.  That got a "whoo" from the audience.)  Have I mentioned how much I hate it when characters change sexual orientations?  I'm hoping to God that a gay-to-straight change doesn't happen here.  At least Olli's consistently been kept bisexual.  Christian started labeling himself as gay after he fell in love with Olli.  I was actually pretty okay with the original "Gay for You" storyline, especially since it didn't happen overnight, but took some time and soul-searching on Christian's part.

More thoughts later...

The Eskimo Kiss Project ( blog links to a couple of clips from the Gays of Our Lives Saturday afternoon sessions, but the original poster has more of it:  People on AfterElton have heard that the actors on the love triangles panel suggested that Oliver Fish should come to Dusseldorf and make an Oliver-Olli-Christian triangle.  I need to post a "That was a joke" clarification for them.  Jo and Thore mentioned that there had been a triangle with Olli and Ulli.  That was the Olli-Tom-Ulli triangle available on some YouTube channels.  My memory of what the actors had said had faded a lot, with just general impressions left, so it was good to hear what they'd said.

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