neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,


I stayed up way too late to read An Unsuitable Heir.

I met up with A.J. and her sister B. around noon.  Mom and A.J. and I got to a church program on rescue dogs very late, but we did get to see the dogs.  Mom processed a few books for the church library.

We went home, and I did some stuff online, expecting to be offline for a few hours.  As it turned out, I met up with B. in the usual midway point, and we had hamburgers.  I'll work on the book reviews A.J. wants me to edit tomorrow.  I had typed up nearly the first page, editing as I went along, and then the computer in the church library told me I needed to change the monitor size to fit the input, and I couldn't get from that message to anything, no matter what buttons I pushed.  Frustrating.

I wrote up my review of An Unsuitable Heir in the evening.  Some non-binary people didn't like it and some did.
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