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quiet so far today

Didn't sleep much last night, slept late today.  J.-my-brother woke me by calling to ask if the AARP had phoned.  I thought he meant for Mom and Dad.  I finally figured out he meant for me.  "I can still kick your ass," I said.  He was delighted by that.

P. texted and called to say "Happy Birthday."  I thought it was sweet she'd remembered.  We'll likely go down to see her mom tomorrow.

I'd gotten a card from Aunt P. and Uncle D. the other day.  Today I got cards from Uncle P. and family, Uncle R. and family, and from S.M.  I expect I'll get a card from Grandma S. in a couple of days.

I'm thinking of bringing cupcakes into the GLBT organization office, like I did last year.  I'm sure most of the kids had no idea why cupcakes had appeared that day, but they were appreciated anyway.  Cupcakes do not go to waste around there.

Have been looking around a little outside in the past few days, since it stopped raining and got warmer.  The 'Tete-a-Tete' or 'Baby Moon' daffodils -- I lost track long ago of which they were -- put on quite a show in the crocus garden.  I got pictures.  A 'White Lion' daffodil bloomed in that area, too, along with some 'Ice Follies.'  Dad's 'Popeye' daffodils bloomed by the driveway.  They have white petals and a yellow cup outlined in bright orange.  It's a startling effect.  The grape hyacinth are blooming by the back door and by the mailbox.  Some daffodil leaves are up by the mailbox.  I think it might be 'Cheerfulness' or 'Yellow Cheerfulness.'  They're late-blooming.  Dad called them "ugly little daffodils," but I like them for their sweet scent.  I think the doubling is kind of cute.

The mahonia was almost done last time I went over in that direction, but I enjoyed it while I had the chance.  I noticed that the first flowers of the Judd viburnum were opening today.  If it's humid, which it probably will be soon, you get the scent of the viburnum and the scent of the sweet briar leaves.  When the sweet briar is just leafing out, you get a good bit of the fragrance of the leaves just by being in the vicinity.  It's too close to the house, but I like having it around for the green apple sort of smell.  Pretty much from now into summer, when you open the front door or back door, you get some pleasant scent.  I posted a while ago about the sweet shrub, and how it smells like overripe apples when it blooms, but aside from that it should be good.  It won't be too long before the lilacs bloom.

Inside: The miniature rose is blooming again, with an orange flower starting to open and another bud showing color.  They must be the ones that were ginger-colored when the flower was fully open.  I still don't think they would fade to palest pink, so I believe there are at least two different miniature rose cultivars in there, maybe three.

The Christmas cactus, which bloomed heavily around Thanksgiving, is blooming again.  I'm puzzled, too, as it seems to be inaccurate labeling.  It's pretty, though.  It has white-centered flowers with dark pink petals.  I guess it blooms close to the equinoxes, as that's when it gets the amount of light it likes.  The double-flowered pink begonia still has a few flowers, though I'm not remembering to water it every day.  The red geraniums have been blooming off and on.  Dad has already put some of them outside.  They really appreciate the direct sunlight.  I'll get a few more geraniums and begonias soon at Home Depot.

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