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H. had sent a FaceBook message at my request yesterday, to A., the big Verbotene Liebe fan.  He got back to me, and I said how I'd rather not be shown in the pictures where I'm wincing in pain from camera flashes, but otherwise I was proud to represent.  After a little back and forth, he said he'd put the explanation for my expression in the captions, which really is more than he had to do, so that was cool.  I just generally don't photograph well, but especially feel self-conscious being in photos where the picture-takers were really trying to get pictures of these gorgeous guys.  If they were pictures which clearly showed my rainbow-striped earrings, like the picture of Igor and me, I guess I'd feel a little better about it.

I was slow to get moving, but got to the secondhand bookstore around 3:00 p.m.  I filled in the gaps in the romance shelves, and got the ones in the back room in good order.  I helped a lady who was looking for the first in a Mary Balogh series.  Of course, it was in the last of the six boxes of historical romances I looked through.  She was happy to get it, though, and I found a couple by another author for her, so I felt good.  B., the Friar, came in.  He's been such a regular volunteer.  I got him started on taking out the duplicate books in the boxes of books by prolific authors.  For the ones on the top shelf that we can't see into, I stand on my tiptoes and try to get the book into the box.  I've seen other short volunteers do that as well.  So B. was good and busy.

AfterElton's "Gays of Our Lives" ( had a new issue.  I thought it was going to be another week before Anthony Langford started posting again, so it was a pleasant surprise to see it was out.  I was kind of looking for Mr. Langford at the Gays of Our Lives event, as he so faithfully covers all those soap operas.  I would have loved to talk to him and tell him how I read that post every week, and enjoy his analyses of the shows.  I'm very glad to know he was there, anyway.  He says he'll put his interviews with the actors into upcoming issues.  I think he said he'd gotten interviews with Thore and Jo.  I read the spoilers, and then I wait anxiously to see how things play out on the show.  Sometimes things are done on the shows at very different angles than his summaries would suggest.  I've heard some major spoilers for months of AWZ lately, including someone at the event who was saying things that would happen relatively far in the future.  That really spoiled it for me, and I wish I hadn't heard her.

I've been reflecting on the research fail of some of the American actors at the event.  Someone -- I'm sure it wasn't Scott Evans -- said how physical gay-bashing seemed to be passe now, that it was in the past and that homophobia appeared in much more subtle forms now.  The least bit of research would have told the speaker and those who agreed with him that Dennis G., who was on that panel, had been physically gay-bashed at least twice.  Dennis looked like he wanted to say something, but once he finally got the microphone, the moment had passed.  He agreed that there was subtle homophobia out there, too.  I don't think that unsubtle homophobia is anything like "in the past" now.  I'll have to tell the students that story.  I don't think any of them will think that the time of people being beaten up and hearing nasty slurs about themselves is in the past.  It didn't strike me as something a gay, lesbian, bisexual who'd been in a same-sex relationship, or transgendered person would have said.  I'm not trying to generalize about ignorance, but the original statement really was one of total fail.

I was happy it was a mixed crowd there.  I would have been cool with a queer crowd, as long as I wasn't the only woman there, and uncomfortable if the crowd had been all straight women, for a few different reasons.  Personally, I feel that even if women like gay romance, that's no guarantee they'll be okay with a romance between women.  I guess it must have been a high for some there to know that the participants were definitely not homophobic towards gay men.  That was something special if you're used to only finding that in an all- or mostly-gay crowd. 

I know, I went off on all kinds of weird tangents with this one.  I know I'm preaching to the choir, but I seem to have connected with a bit more of the choir.  It's cool, but it's a change for me. 
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