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out and about April Monday

Got to the GLBT organization office just a bit after 2:00 p.m., awake and ready to go.  The computers were in use, and six or seven people were there, but H. and I discussed doing transcripts of the interviews we did with professors and alums, and e-mailing more alums for their stories.  She had heard back from K.C., who said that April 10th was fine for her to meet with us.  I hope to God I don't have anything else planned for that day.  I showed H. and M. a printout copy of Lisabea's "secret gay boyfriend" picture, and told the story.  "Since I got Lisabea into watching Alles Was Zahlt, she's been calling Dennis G. her secret gay boyfriend...She said he was a really good sport about it.  And so was his husband."  I also showed them the picture of me with Igor, and said how P. had said I looked really happy in the picture.  They agreed.

Later, K. came in, saw the picture of Dennis, and said, "Ooh, he's pretty.  I want him."

"Back off.  He's gay," M. said.  I love M.

"And he has a husband," I added.  M. has just been hearing my stories about the German soap operas I'm into, not following them himself, but he's got some of the gist.  He knows that the actors play gay characters, and that a couple of the actors are gay themselves, including Dennis.  I think it really does the kids good to know that there's some kind of decent representation of people they can identify with in popular television, even if it's in Europe and not much here.  As I said in a previous entry, M. also appreciated those pictures of Thore and Jo from A.'s FaceBook albums.

At some point, J.S. and D.S. went out for a while.  I wasn't clear on whether they were going for an early dinner or just going for some alone-time.  I know I've asked before where they'd gotten to and had the kids say, "They went to have sex."  Well, they are in their early twenties.  They've been together for a year and a half now, which is like thirty years in older-straight-people time.  Clearly they haven't lost the passion in their relationship.  D.S. didn't seem noticeably more relaxed when they got back, so perhaps it was just dinner.

Other people wandered out, and H. and I realized that only we and M. were in the office, and he was working quietly on the other computer.  H. took out the recording device she'd used for the interviews, which she had brought with her, only to realize that the batteries were dead.  As we headed to the student union bookstore to get batteries, we passed about six members of the organization we knew coming down the hall, a couple of the guys, a lesbian or two, and some of the straight allies.  H. and I realized that the office wouldn't be that quiet when we got back, but we still went and got the batteries.  We came back, commandeered a computer, and tried to do a bit of the transcribing.  Not only was there a lot of background noise on the recording, there was a lot of background noise in the office, with ten or so people there by that time.  We got about a sentence done.

S. came by, talking intently on the phone, and mostly out in the hall for his conversation.  I waved to him when he poked his head in the office, but my secret love child didn't see me.  At some point, he came fully into the office, I waved, and he interrupted his conversation to say "Hi."  I don't know about S.  He just goes along seeming his usual self, when there's so much going on below the surface.  Maybe it's just that I'm hearing more of it now.

I went along to the program on intersectionality.  The professor giving it explained that it was how a person's identities intersect, and had us list different markers of the "gay experience."  Then she asked us to think of what it would be like to be GLBT and disabled, or a person of color, or an immigrant.  She wanted us to write it all down.  I said, "F*%#.  This is all educational.  I'm so far past educational."  I handed my notepad over to S., and had him take the notes.  I contributed, but he led the discussion.  It started out as a group of three, then became a group of five or six as S.H. and people I didn't know joined us.  S.H. went off on some weird stoner tangents, but once she explained a little more, some of her points actually made pretty good sense.  The other S. in the group, besides S. and S.H., took a while to mull things over, but made some thoughtful contributions.  He's definitely not a speed-talker like S. is.

After the meeting, I showed S. the "Possibly Drunken Hallos" clip.  When we came to Dennis, S. really believed that Dennis was that drunk.  "No, he's acting," I said.

"Right, he's a really good actor."

"Exactly," I said.  S. asked if I would be around Tuesday.  I said that I could be.  I'll have to follow up on that.  (Edited: He remembered he had someone he had to meet up with about his summer job, so I said I'd catch him Thursday or next Monday.)  The kids headed off to their various meetings, studying, paper-writing, and jobs.

I went home for dinner, then Mom and I went out shopping to the grocery store and to Wal-Mart.  I got some fairly essential things both places.  I checked the blogs I usually check, checked to see if there were any new AWZ or VL clips, and started my write-up of the day.   
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