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low-key Easter

Mom woke me up at an ungodly hour so we could get to church.  I wore the pretty outfit I'd gotten yesterday, though I'd forgotten to paint my nails lavender again.  Dad said I could finish up the leftovers of the choir breakfast, which the choir folks had between the 8:00 a.m. service and the 10:00 a.m. service.  There was an egg strata sort of thing, except it was only one stratum.  There were all kinds of breads, and two kinds of fruit cup.  Dad said other choir members' relatives had been breakfasting on it, too.  It was all quite good.  I raced back to my seat just before 10:00 a.m. to discover that Mom had given much of it away.  I squeezed in as best I could.  I liked the hymns -- like with Christmas, I like the old ones.  I couldn't keep my eyes open during the sermon, though like all the ones of Mother G.'s I've heard, it was quite good.

Mom stopped at a grocery store on the way back to get a few things.  I gave her a five for pudding, and napped in the car.  I pretty much napped all the way home, until she shook me, and said I couldn't sleep in the car now that we were home.  I didn't see why not.  I had lunch, then lay down for a couple of hours.  I cleared the jewelry-making beads and equipment off the dining room table, and we had ham (leftover from Christmas, but frozen in the meantime), sweet potatoes, and spinach.  I had some Chenin Blanc wine, which the "wine guy" in the Wine & Spirits shop had recommended as a good substitute if I liked French Columbard (a.k.a. California Chablis).  I really liked the Chenin Blanc.  It's quite sweet and fruity.

I lay down again.  P. called to see how my Easter was, and I told her it had been pretty low-key.  My brother had gone with his groomsman to a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game the previous day, then they were heading back to Baltimore to have an Easter lunch with K.'s family.  I think it's sinking in on Mom that she's going to have to share J. over the holidays.  We still miss Nana A. during all the holidays, and she passed away several years ago.  Mom and Nana A. were very close.  I was thinking of Nana A. today.  Easter was a favorite holiday of hers.

P. said her mother was getting better, and was able to talk a little.  I said that must be a relief for P.  P. has Monday off, but I'm busy.  H. and I have work to do on that GLBT history project.  Hopefully both of us will be functional tomorrow.  We really want to get the interviews transcribed, particularly for me the ones which talk about the 1980s.  I hadn't realized that M.R. was such an activist, in ACT-UP and Queer Nation.  He was up for more interviews, and we'll likely take him up on that.  P.'s off Thursday, so we may head down to Wilmington then.  I can put in a relatively early hour or so at the secondhand bookstore, then we can head down before rush hour.

I need to work in some time to talk to S. (a.k.a. my secret love child).  I think all of us are pretty concerned about the relationships he gets into.  Not that my choices in boyfriends have been anything like stellar, but at least I never feared for my physical safety.  He says he knows there's a difference between "good interesting" and "bad interesting" as far as boyfriends go.  I hope to God he finds some "good interesting" men to date.

Tomorrow's GLBT organization meeting is an educational one.  I think it's on "intersectionality."  I have no idea.  Apparently it's some trendy way to describe some kind of sociology thing.  I believe next week's program is on intersexuality, which I know a good amount about in a theoretical way, from doing quite a bit of reading.  I may have the dates mixed up, but I'll try to make it to the intersex program.

I need to go over the editing I have to do, but there really wasn't that much to fix in a line edit sense.  There was no romance in it.  There wasn't even a romantic erotica feel to it.  It was just empty sex.  That's how it came across to me.  I'll tell Jen the Proofreading Goddess how I felt about it, and perhaps the editors can talk to the author about getting a bit of romance in the next book she does.  The company I work for doesn't claim to publish just romance, since they do a fair amount of erotica, but at least the erotica usually has a romantic touch to it.  Maybe it's just that I've seen some really good romance on TV lately, but I don't think that's affecting my sense of what comes across in a written story.

Nanna had Thursday's episode of Verbotene Liebe up.  It didn't have a whole lot to do with Christian and Olli as a couple, but it had some pretty good interaction between Olli and other characters.  Christian talks all the time about that one particular horse being sick.  Some stables would put down a horse that got sick that often.  Just saying.  Olli being nice was not a detraction for him in this episode.  It's so weird to try to discuss the characters the same way I did when I've met the actors.  I guess it won't be the same, but I'll still describe what's going on with the characters, and how I interpret their actions.
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