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Saturday beginning of April

Went shopping for dresses to wear for Easter and for my brother's wedding.  I found one I think will do for both.  We tried J.C. Penney's first, since my relatives had given me a gift card for Christmas.  I got T-shirts with the gift card, and Mom got me the dress as a birthday present.  I had asked for an Amazon gift certificate, but she wasn't into that idea, thinking for some reason that I have enough books already.

Watched some early Christian and Olli episodes of Verbotene Liebe.  I love how Christian finds out that Olli likes men when he comes into the flatshare and finds Olli making out on the couch with a guy he met at the gym.  Olli says something like, "You should see his judo move.  I don't know if I've ever been on my back that fast."  From what I've heard, most fanfiction depicts Christian as the top and Olli as the bottom.  I can see why the fanfic writers could make that argument.  I still maintain that in fiction, as in real life, guys can be versatile as well.  I don't know why there's this total insistence that the writers "know" those particular relationship dynamics for characters, and are expected as a community to agree with it.  It's not like the fanfiction writers are going to see scenes explicit enough to know for sure.

I figure I can only be sure if the person in question tells me.  S. and I discussed this some on Monday.  We started talking in that rather crowded office.  He said quietly, "So you were wondering?"

I whispered, "Well, you don't act submissive in public."  That gave him a bit of a laugh, as it's very true.

"I'm submissive in private," he whispered back.  He expanded on that when we were walking to my car.  He said he really watched his words when he was with a lover, and said some other things which indicated that he doesn't communicate as openly with a lover as he does generally.  I have to talk to my love child about that.  The communication lines should be clear whether in public or private.  Any comments on what I should say to S. are very welcome.

Going back to Saturday, I paid some bills and did some editing.

I've been reflecting this week, as I caught up on the shows, how I can't just let the German words flow over me anymore.  There are so many I recognize when I hear, even if I don't remember the translation.  I know I've heard characters say that word before.  Then there are the words I am able to translate, enough to get the gist of a fair number of scenes.  Even when I try to be a passive listener, I get pulled into actively working on figuring out the meaning.

I'm sure I've posted about this before, but I started out my German soap opera watching only knowing random words in Yiddish and Pennsylvania Dutch, and knowing how quite a number of German words were spelled from reading about twentieth century history.

The Pennsylvania Dutch ("Dutch" should properly be "Deutsch") came to the state to have religious freedom.  The Amish and Old Order Mennonites pretty much reject technology invented after the seventeenth century.  They'll let trusted "English" (the term for all non-Amish) give them rides in cars, and sometimes they'll have gas-powered technology or phones in the barn.  It's not allowed in the house, though.  The first place they settled was Lancaster County.  The Amish and Mennonites now have communities as far as Indiana, but Lancaster County is where the tourists come in droves, to see the horses and buggies on the road, get homemade Pennsylvania Dutch cooking, including shoofly pie, and buy handmade quilts.  I didn't learn any of the swearing I hear on the soap operas by reading fiction and non-fiction about the Amish, but I did pick up quite a few words.  When I go back to watch earlier episodes of the soap operas, I'm amazed at how much more German I know now than I did a few months ago.  It's keeping my mind busy. 
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