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I'd once again brought my Gays of Our Lives printed-out pictures with me, this time with the actors' names and the names of the shows written underneath.  I showed S. (S.).  She looked at the first few pictures I'd labeled, and pronounced the actors' names and show names.  I told her that I had a German-English dictionary and could pick up about one word in ten now.  She was disproportionately impressed that I was really learning German.  "Soon your German will be better than my English is!" she said.  I get the impression that she's lived in America for quite a long time -- decades at least.  She has a heavy accent, but she understands everything.

I showed D., who looked through them all, and pronounced names and words.  She said she'd heard that German soap operas were more liberal than American soap operas, but that she'd seen two men kissing on American TV.  I explained that these pictures were of actors who played gay characters on the soap operas.  "Schwul Paar," I said.  She stopped in shock/squick at the photo of Dennis and Brent.  I'd thought of leaving it home, but I felt that that would be editing out the whole spirit of the event.  I was like, "Not your thing."  Definitely not her thing.  Honestly, I don't know how anyone could miss the sweetness and love in that picture.

I still had some of the pictures when I picked up P., and she looked through them as we drove down to Wilmington.  I pointed out the picture of Igor and me.  "You look really happy," she said.  Pretty much. 
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