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Thursday beginning of April

The EKP ladies had an April Fool's Day joke of making the Eskimo Kiss Project the all-Celine channel.  Some of the commenters were horrified until they realized what day it was.  I watched the video they had up, but didn't watch the other videos.

I made it to garden club on time.  The flower arrangements were quite impressive, especially the one featuring a Hogarth curve, which is this sinuous line.  It was in a nice pale celadon-green vase with a stem.  Curly pussy willow was the support, with daffodils and lavender freesias worked into the curving line.  It looked very professional, and it was gorgeous.

The afternoon program was on pruning and various other topics applying to the area we live in, given by a Penn State Extension/Master Gardener from [next county over].  He's been there before, and he's quite good -- full of useful information.

I'd hoped to get in a visit with S, who staffs the GLBT organization's office on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  I'd e-mailed him the picture of me and Igor, and the "secret gay boyfriend" picture of Dennis.  I also included the link to the "Possibly Drunken Hallos" video, but then sent a "disregard that link" message when I saw it was all Celine that day.

I'd promised P. that we'd go see her mother, who was ill.  Her mother lives in Wilmington, Delaware, which is not that close.  P. has told me that she talks to her mother on the phone every day, but that in the last few days, her mother was unable to talk due to a cyst-encrusted thyroid problem.  P. was upset that she couldn't even hear her mother, who was reduced to barely being able to whisper and say, "Uh-huh."  We set out on our trip.  We took a little detour to a Giant grocery store to get her mom soup, applesauce, Jell-O and ice cream.  We got back on the highway, and P. said that her mother lived just past the Concord Mall.  I've learned to interpret P.-speak concerned with travel, and interpreted that as "in the middle of Wilmington."  P. was pretty good on the directions.  Even though it was street parking, we got a space very close to the apartment building.

P. was really glad to see her mother, who conveyed to us by holding up fingers that she'd been in the hospital getting tests for six hours the previous day.  P. gave her mother one of the individual cups of ice cream she'd gotten.  That seemed to be well-received.  P. and I talked to her mother, who got out the occasional strained whisper.  P. made her a bowl of soup and gave her a bowl of applesauce.  At some point, P.'s brother C. came to visit, too.  He's the one who lives in Chester.  He would have picked up P., but his car battery has really been acting up, and he didn't want to be stuck in [borough P. lives in].  We were there for a couple hours altogether, long enough for P. to wash and dry the sheets which were on her mother's bed, and remake the bed.  P. worked as a nursing aide for a good many years, like I did, so she's used to helping sick people, though of course it's much more emotional when it's a relative.

P.'s mother pointed out some verses in the Bible that she wanted P. to read.  We joined hands, and C. said a heartfelt prayer for his mother's health, with P. saying soft affirmations in response.  We hugged her mother, then C. set out with us so we could give him a jump-start if he needed one.  P. and C.'s mother came running out into the hall, making as much of a sound as she could and holding up C.'s cell phone.  P. looked for hers, which it turned out she'd left in her mother's apartment as well.  P. has left her wallet and/or her phone in my car various times on trips we've taken, so I wasn't terribly surprised.  I just thought it was funny that sister and brother had both done it this time.  C. got his car to start, and guided us back through Wilmington.  We headed home.  P. said she'd call me to make sure I got home okay.  I was like, "I know how to get home from [borough]," but she wanted to do it.  [Borough] is two miles from my house at most, and I'm there at least three days a week.  When she called, I told her I'd gotten home just fine.  I think it really did help ease P.'s mind to be able to see her mother, and hug her, and pray with her. 
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