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Wednesday end of March

Busy day.  I went to meet up with S.(M.) and a couple other ladies from the garden club to make a right-triangle flower arrangement.  I have no idea.  I suppose it was discussed at the meeting I missed.  It does seem that I miss a meeting and end up assigned to do things.  I guess that's how a lot of meetings work.  S. and J.M. had gone shopping, and gotten tulips, orange lilies, sweet little lavender calla lilies, and a couple of things I had no idea of the name of.  S. fed me lunch, and J. and herself snacks, while we waited for the fourth person.  I had my soap opera actors' pictures with me.  I started by saying, "You know I'm into gay romance," to S.  She's heard about the stories I work on in vague detail.  "And you know I've been talking about the German soap operas I've been watching.  This was an event where actors who play gay characters on TV got together with their fans."  I'd gotten the picture of me with Igor (thank you, B.) and printed that out.  "Look at how cute he is -- those puppy-dog eyes, those cheekbones, those pouty lips..."  I think they got the idea that I have a bit of a crush on Igor.  J. is a lot younger than most of the other garden club ladies, and didn't say anything about the gay romance angle.  S. doesn't really understand it, but she knows it's something I've disclosed to her before, that it's an interest of mine in some way.

After we'd worked on the arrangement for a couple of hours, I had to get to an appointment.  We'd gotten the basic L-shaped structure down by then, although not without snapping some flower stems.  I really liked the lavender mini calla lilies with the yellow tulips and the orange lilies.  It was a nice color contrast effect.

E.M. had asked bookstore workers to come in to get the store ready for April.  I came in and helped with the window displays, and some other projects, including finding gardening books with pretty covers for a display rack.
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