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Tuesday end of March

Caught up on Verbotene Liebe.  I believe I posted about that, the fantastic love scene.  VL doesn't have sex scenes as explicit as AWZ's can be, but Christian and Olli have what I've seen described as "white-hot chemistry."  They didn't really solve any of the problems that have them at odds, but the scene was a beautiful expression of the love they have for each other, physical and emotional.  They conveyed so much in their kisses, touches and expressions.  At one point, Christian has rolled Olli over so Olli is on his back, with Christian kneeling over him, straddling his thighs.  Olli watches, eyes shining, as Christian strips off his T-shirt, then leans up to run his hands up Christian's belly and chest, slide his hands around the back of Christian's neck, and pull him down again.  They kiss, and then you see their hands as their fingers curl around each other's.  It was so sexual, but also so loving.
Further note: From watching the Gays of Our Lives fan videos, it appears that a lot of Christian and Olli love scenes feature Christian straddling Olli's thighs while he takes his shirt off.  I suppose fans who have watched all of the love scene episodes until they have them memorized would recognize that as a familiar and beloved part of the characters' love scenes.  I am clearly not yet at that point.  I still appreciated it on its own merits, though.

I went to the secondhand bookstore for a little bit, and straightened out the romances in the back.  We got another box full of historical romances.  I think that makes six boxes.  I can't remember what else I did Tuesday.  Possibly I dozed off somewhere along the line. 
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