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Saturday night of the event

I'm still too tired to give a good account of the panel sessions on Saturday afternoon, but there were wonderful discussions about gay visibility on television, what kinds of things the actors enjoyed playing in their roles, coming out stories and love triangles with gay characters.  The actors were so articulate and thoughtful, and said some really important things about such topics as how knowing someone gay can change someone's mind if they have only had stereotypes before, and getting to a stage of normalization of gay characters in popular entertainment.  It was lovely to see that Scott Evans and Jo Weil really seemed to be hitting it off.  I'll write up a more detailed description later, I promise.  Dennis G. had some awesome things to say on the panels he was on, and the one he moderated.  Really, all the actors, and the writer Tom Chroust had such great observations and thoughts about what the characters' presence on television meant now, and their hopes for the future.  The RTL people were taping it, so I hope we get to see at least some of it.  I thought it was great that Igor and Dennis, and Jo and Thore, said that in playing gay couples, they'd become close friends themselves.  In between the sessions, I got an autograph from Igor D. and an autograph for S. from Dennis.  I texted S. about getting an autograph for him, and he was really happy.

Here are some of my impressions of Saturday evening, in a particularly narrow Emilie perspective.  I will give the wider impression later, I promise. 

Party at the Stonewall Inn -- could it get more of a historic feeling than that?  I'd brought glowsticks, as I promised I would, and Lil and the Eskimo Horde people passed them out.  The music wasn't so great at first, but then the DJ put on some real dance music, and people were up and dancing.  I personally gave Thore Scholermann and Igor Dolgatschew glowsticks, then faded back off into the background to watch and have my own glow of happiness.  Felix Isenbugel, Jo Weil, and Scott Evans were wearing glowsticks, too.  The glowsticks seemed to be a hit with pretty much the whole crowd.  People who wanted fairy wands got them.  I think Lisabea must have given her glowstick to Brent Magee, Dennis Grabosch's husband, because I saw him with one.  Everyone was dancing up a storm, and Lisabea was right in the middle of it.  I liked the rave effect of it all.  It was such a happy crowd, gay and straight and in between, everybody so wonderfully mingled in having fun. 

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