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Friday night of the event

I'm sure that Lisabea will do a funnier post -- after she recovers from her hangover.  My impression of the night was "Wow."  It just seems so surreal.  Eighty or so soap opera fans packed into the upstairs room of a bar, with tassled lamps with red lightbulbs providing most of the illumination.  I found some of the Eskimo people I'd hung out with last night, and we sat near the little stage-type area with the screen for a projector.  I called Lisabea around seven, and she said she was right by the door next to a tall blond man.  As soon as I headed that way, there was a call to clear a path, and I retreated back to my seat.  It was Thore Scholermann and Jo Weil coming in.  They're just that hot in person.  (*fans self*)  They said hello to the crowd.  The organizer folks started playing clips from the different shows.  My view was pretty blocked by one of those tasseled lamps, but the first one they showed was a compilation of clips from Queer as Folk, then some from Greek.  I recognized the scenes from One Life to Live.  Somewhere along the line there, Scott Evans made an appearance.  (*fans self again*)  Gregory Michael and Hal Sparks came in.  They showed some scenes from Verbotene Liebe which I had watched many, many times.  If I craned my neck, I could see Thore and Jo reacting to the scenes.  They said they'd never seen it on a big screen.  There were loud whistles and "whoo"s from the crowd when there were steamy parts.  They announced that Dennis and Igor were still on the flight from Cologne, but just as they were showing the last scene from the Alles Was Zahlt episode 772, Dennis, Igor, and Felix from GZSZ came into the room.  Apparently the loudest cheers and whistles came as the people near the stairs recognized them.

Soon after they finished showing all the clips, I meandered a bit.  B. got Igor's attention, and got a photo of me with him.  (*faints*)  I'm sure I look totally stupid and disheveled, but who cares?  It was all pretty otherworldly at that point.  Meanwhile, it seems that Lisabea had been determinedly stalking Dennis.  She saw my nametag, and pulled me up to her at the bar to show me the picture of her and Dennis.  (*squee on Lisabea's behalf*)  She'd told him that he was her gay boy friend, and she said he didn't contradict her.  Dennis' husband was there.  I was so glad on their behalf that they'd gotten the chance to travel together.  Later, Lisabea cornered Dennis again to show him off.  I said, "You're such a stalker," but Dennis didn't seem to really mind.  He said he'd been stalking Lil.  I'm guessing that was for less obsessive reasons.  But I got a cheek kiss.  (*faints again*)  The Verbotene Liebe people had swept Jo and Thore off into a semi-partitioned section for pictures -- and I'm assuming some drooling over them as well.  I tried to get Lisabea to come along so I could point out Thore and give her mini-updates about those stars.  She was sticking around where the Alles Was Zahlt folks had been, and said that once she had a boyfriend, she stayed loyal.  The German actors did the presentation of the award-winning fan videos.  The Alles Was Zahlt winner was "The Best We Ever Had."  The Verbotene Liebe winner was "The Sirtaki One."  Jo and Thore did a lot of poses with a toy chicken.  I kind of got it, since Christian Mann has one in his room.  I'd voted for the Halo video, but I can always watch that again.

At some point, I sat on the floor and discovered Igor sitting on the floor right near there, too.  I think I probably ended up in the background of a lot of the pictures people were taking of Thore, because I was just sitting there basking in the glow.  The actors were really good about having dozens of pictures taken of them with all those insane fans, even though they must have been constantly blinded by the flashes.  It had literally gotten very hot in that packed room, as well.  But wow, talk about mingling.  Just today was incredible.       
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