neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Sunday so far

I went to bed around midnight and woke at 8:30 a.m.

I watched the hummingbird cam and the barred owl cam.

Later: I planted the red petunias and red geraniums.  The new irises are kind of droopy, but hopefully okay.  I picked the remaining two 'Generaal de Wet' tulips from back in what once was the vegetable garden, and a pink tulip that was drooping.  The ferns are coming up and the perennial forget-me-not is blooming.

The azalea is coming back from having its leaves frozen in our last heavy frost.  It has some bloom on it, and some buds.  The Judd viburnum is nearly done blooming, but it was quite nice for a while.  The sweet bay magnolia has buds.  It usually blooms in late May.  The salmon-colored geraniums are blooming nicely inside.  Soon it will be time to take them outside.

I finished up two editing jobs.

I finished up the book about crows.

I watched the bird cams again.

Later still: I talked with A. for about 40 minutes.
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