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Made it to the pre-event Eskimo Horde meetup.  I took the early train, and got there at 6:00 p.m.  The party was scheduled to start at 7:00 p.m.   The Swift Bar offered about one hundred kinds of beer, but I went up to the bar and asked what kind of fruit juice they had.  I stuck with orange juice for the evening.  I got dinner -- shepherd's pie, which I wasn't all that into.  Around 7:00 p.m., I sat facing the door.  I was wearing my "Eskimo Kiss: We Do Believe In Fairies" T-shirt, so as people trickled in, they gravitated towards me.  The first were a couple of guys, then a woman, B., who had come from Cologne to here.  I don't get it, but I had her telling me how to pronounce things every so often.  I'm still not too clear on how to pronounce "Thore Scholermann," but I'll just smile and wave.  I do know how to pronounce "Weiss Kreuz" now.  Aldi and Lil showed up and eventually about a dozen other Eskimo people.  It was a small horde, but it was fun.

Out of the first couple of guys there, one, K., was going to the event, and his friend or partner, R., was just going to sightsee for the weekend.  So of course, I was talking to R.  When a few people had showed up, K. asked what the attraction was for women in seeing the romance of a gay couple.  He got various answers.  I don't think any of the answers were reasons I hadn't heard before.  My own reply was, "I think of it as supporting the team."  I put my hand up to one of my earrings -- the colors of the bi pride flag (yes, there's a flag -- it's blue, purple and pink) and continued, "We're not all straight."  Later, I said that in college I was called the bisexual fag hag.  I don't think he liked that at all.  I'm not quite sure what his original motivation for asking that was -- it seemed like curiousity mixed with maybe a little hostility, but I might be reading the defensiveness into it.  It's just such a constant question, but it was likely the first time K. had gotten a chance to ask it.

B. was really funny.  I think she'd had English in school, but she said she'd learned a lot of American English from watching American television.  I burst out into horrified laughter.  I might have said, "Oh, God!"  That's how I'm learning German, but still.  She said she understood everything, but that she had to search for the words sometimes to speak it.

I packed enough clothes for about a week and a half, but forgot my toothbrush.  I made a run out to look in the local shops for a toothbrush.  I found a Quik-Chek (sort of a cross between a grocery store and a convenience store), but they didn't have toothbrushes.  I got a New Jersey map and a New York City and Long Island map.  The cashier said, "Ten dollars."

I almost said, "That's f*#%ing highway robbery!" but I've lived in the Pennsylvania suburbs for thirty years now, and I refrained.  I should have stopped at Triple A before I set out on this adventure.  I found a Stop & Shop, which thankfully had toothbrushes.  I got lavender nailpolish, too, in honor of the occasion.  I have rainbow-striped earrings I got at the Philadelphia Gay Pride parade's festival, so I'm wearing those today.

I almost packed my heavy coat, but I thought, "It's been seventy degrees out for two weeks now.  Why would I need a winter coat?  I'll just take a hoodie and my windbreaker."  Of course, it's in the low forties today.  I asked my aunt if I could borrow one of her winter coats.

I'm looking forward to Happy Hour tonight.  It should be cool.  I'm curious to see which fan videos won the awards.  I didn't vote on the GZSZ videos, because I'd only seen a few episodes, but I voted on the Alles Was Zahlt and Verbotene Liebe videos.
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