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busy getting ready

Did a lot of laundry today.  Aunt P. is expecting me tomorrow afternoon.  Aunt A. has Sunday afternoon free, so it looks like I'll get a visit with her in on that day.  Watered all the plants.  I'm getting a few days behind on One Life to Live, but I can watch the last five days on the computer on, so I'm not too worried.

After dinner, I went out on a shopping trip.  My first stop was at the Dollar Store, to get a few more glow swords and glowing fairy wands.  I figure that with this event, you can't have too many fairy wands.  Then I went to Target to get posterboard, big markers, and glitter.  I found glitter glue, which is pretty cool stuff.  I made a sparkly sign for Kris, and a sign for Lisabea.  I'll bring the markers and glitter glue with me so people can make the signs even more sparkly.

Soap opera: As a commenter noted, Roman was wearing his red coat today, very similar or the same as the one he wore in episode 300, a much-beloved episode.  Even though he's a trainer now, he still has his skates on through the training sessions.  I was glad the Wild & Bergmann crew had appearances today.  Aside from that, much Steinkamp intrigue, and some scheming from Axel.  I hope Axel keeps the beard and long hair.

I've been watching my favorites of the fan videos up for voting.  I'll probably always associate some of the songs with the show, especially "Oops! (I Did It Again)" with Deniz behaving badly.  One of the fan videos for Christian and Olli uses the song "Halo," which I hadn't heard before, and will likely only be able to think of as accompanying those clips.

Well, at least I'm caught up on two of the shows.
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