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Went shopping with P.  Mom called and asked where I was.  "Brookhaven," I said.  Mom was nonplussed.  Brookhaven is nowhere near where I live.  Many of P.'s relatives live around or in Chester, Pennsylvania, so that's where she knew the shopping areas and wanted to go.  She gave me money towards the gasoline, so that was cool.  Brookhaven is not quite in the Chester city limits, so it's nicer.  We spent a good couple of hours shopping, at the Save-A-Lot and at Pathmark.  I dropped P. and her massive amount of groceries off at her apartment, then went to the secondhand bookstore.  I had both a largish bag and a box of romances to go through and sort out.  It kept me busy.  One of the Friars (service fraternity) came in, B., who volunteers a lot at the bookstore.  I got him started on a book-sorting project, and he knew what to do.  I was a little tired from the shopping, but I was glad I went to the bookstore.

Stopped off at home to have leftover Indian food for dinner.  Later had the thought that perhaps I should have stuck with something more bland.  Went out shopping again, to Party City.  I now have over a hundred of a combination of glow sticks and glow bracelets, plus a few extra glow things, including fairy wands.  I'd better remember to bring that bag to New York, or I'll be really mad at myself.  I figure I'll be adding sparkle in my own special way.

Soap opera: Watched today's clip of Alles Was Zahlt, and yesterday and today's full episodes.  As the EKP people said, Roman was in stern trainer mode, but he understood that Katja had to stay to comfort Annette.  I don't know why she couldn't have just explained that over the phone when Roman called.  Richard and Celine are still icky, and scruffy Axel (he looks so much better with a beard and long hair) is setting some of his schemes in motion.  I'm coming more and more into the "Katja is so cute" camp.  Celine was saying something about how Zoe disapproved of her dating Richard, but who the hell cares what Zoe thinks?  Lena has totally sold out.  I like when she and Max are actually happy together, otherwise known as when Lena is completely deluded, but I loved the Bergmann sisterly bonding.

There wasn't a new clip of Verbotene Liebe up as of the last time I checked, but I re-watched yesterday's episode, with Christian being dominant, and smokin' hot that way.  He knows exactly what's going on, and he was totally determined to fight for the man he loves.  Oh, Lisabea, when you meet Thore Scholermann, you'll see what I mean about him being a full-sized German sex god, especially if you see clips of him playing Christian being all gruff and dominant.
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