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Dad and I went to the Flower Show.  The theme was Holland.  There were lots of tulips and daffodils and other bulbs.  Heuchera and hellebores also seemed to be popular this year.  After a few years of missing it, I got to the butterfly room.  You were given a "nectar stick" that the butterflies could feed on.  I got a couple to feed.  I ended up with one on the hoodie I was carrying, and remembered that I'd spilled lemonade on the hoodie, and the butterfly was probably attracted to the sugar water aspect.  The flower show itself was nice, and I enjoyed the butterfly room.

I went out for a Chinese restaurant buffet dinner with the Friday Night Friends.  It was nice to see everybody.  I had a busy day.

I got free books from promos, and read some e-books on the train home from the flower show.

Later: I watched the first episode of Iron Fist.  I'll very likely watch more tomorrow.
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