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I woke at 7:00 a.m. and went down to check on Mom.  I gave her breakfast.

We're going to go grocery shopping today.  Fortunately, the grocery store has those electric scooters she can scoot around in.

Slightly later: We had a pretty successful shopping trip.

Later than that: It's quite warm out for February in Pennsylvania.  I went out and looked at my garden plants.  The snowdrops are blooming.  Some of the daffodil leaves are well up, and some of the daffodils have buds on short stalks, especially the ones in the herb garden, which are 'Ice Follies'.

The new daffodils from Old House Gardens have leaves up, too, and the 'King Alfred' daffodils nearer to the back shed.  The winter honeysuckle is blooming.
Tags: flowers, garden, plants, shopping
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