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outside again

Enjoying the fragrance of the flowers of the mahonia and winter honeysuckle while they last.  A few more crocuses up, although it looks like more got eaten than not.  At least they weren't all eaten like last year's.  Minature daffodil leaves up.  I lost track of which were 'Tete-a-Tete' and which were 'Baby Moon'.  Anyway, they're cute.  There are some flower buds showing on the 'Ice Follies' daffodils in the herb garden.

In the shade gardens, first leaves of bleeding heart and sweet woodruff up.  In the sun, the lilacs are leafing out.  'Roseraie de l'Hay' and 'Teasing Georgia' are leafing out.  Pruned the deadwood off of 'Armide' and the sweet briar which was the understock of 'Celsiana'.  'Armide' looks much better now.  It does have a fairly arching habit.  I wasn't particularly careful with the sweet briar, since it is obviously on its own roots and not really visible unless you go around bushes looking for it.  It's pretty easy to tell what is deadwood on a sweet briar, though.  I'm thinking of giving the extra sweet briars away.  I'll talk to J.S. and see if he'll do some garden work in exchange for cash and plants, or if he knows students who will do gardening and yard work for cash.  Some of the Old Garden Roses on their own roots have a spreading habit, and I could give away parts of them.  I have spearmint and bee balm to give away, too.

At some point -- otherwise known as "if I had money" -- I'd like to get more viburnums.  I had a 'Pink Dawn' viburnum, and that was very nice, but it died.  I had a relatively hardy daphne, but I moved it to a place that wasn't as sheltered, and it died over its second winter.  I'd like to try again with that, and put it in a more sheltered spot.

Garden plans for this year: Pick up another flowering shrub or two of some sort.  I found sweet broom once.  It wasn't hardy here, but it had a lovely fragrance.  Get the usual fragrant tender perennials and herbs: heliotrope, lemongrass, lemon verbena, scented-leaf geraniums.  Try to grow dill, basil, cilantro, rosemary, and assorted other herbs, culinary and/or scented.  Grow from seed: Poppies, sweet peas, four o'clocks, portulaca, nasturtiums.  Get more pinks, begonias and geraniums.  If I can find them, get lantana and fuchias.  Fuchias are pretty much annuals here, but I really liked the one I got from Perennial Delights.  I'm not much for the traditional red-and-purple sort, but I like the pink-and-white flowered ones.
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