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Got to the GLBT organization office at [local university].  H. and S. were there.  H. seemed to have her mind on a lot of different topics.  We sent an e-mail to one of the alumna to see when she could get together to meet us.  I'll be in Baltimore this weekend and New York the next, so H. said, "How about the weekend after that?"  I kept thinking that it was a holiday of some sort, but neither H. nor S. could tell me if it was Easter -- which it is.

After that, I showed them the Gays of Our Lives website (, and a couple of the Alles Was Zahlt fan videos.  S. remembered that the character I keep telling him about and showing clips of is named Roman.  "Do you want the actor's autograph?" I asked.

"Yes.  Is he gay in real life?"


"That's even better," S. said.  I agreed.  So, one autographed picture of Dennis G. for S.  Don't let me forget, Lisabea.

H. and I went off to [really good Indian restaurant in town].  We invited S., but he had class.  We got the assorted appetizers.  I don't know what they were, but they were good.  H. got sag paneer, I got chicken tikka masala and bhindi masala.  I figured I'd eat some of each, and take the leftovers home.  We never have okra at home because Mom doesn't like it.  I tried H.'s sag paneer, and she tried my tikka masala.  We both agreed it was all excellent.  I'd forgotten to order a mango lassi, so I got that to go.  They make the best lassi.

H. suggested going to a little jewelry/vintage clothes store down the street.  She found a padlock necklace for herself, and a pendant for her girlfriend.  I looked at earrings, and things got a little expensive.  I found a pair of tigereye earrings for Mom, to replace the ones she'd lost.  I found sparkly green ones, ones with a cloudy pink stone -- looks possibly like agate -- and ivory-colored earrings that looked like carved roses.  There were a lot of other ones I liked as well, but I figured that was enough for today.

I got home and had part of my lassi, then Mom wanted to go to the library.  Wise to her ways, I said, "And you want to go to the grocery store, too, don't you?"  Of course she did.  I got a book on irises, a book on scented geraniums, and a book called Pink Ladies and Crimson Gents: Portraits and Legends of 50 Roses.  The rose book looks like something I might well have bought if I had seen it for sale before seeing it at the library.

At the grocery store, we got our various things -- I got citrus fruit, which I've been craving like anything.  I guess I'm low on vitamin C.  I got apple cider and diet decaf tea.  I'm pretty much off caffeine, except however much is in coffee-flavored liquor.  I've been eating a lot of sugary things, which I shouldn't, but I always seem to eat a lot of carbs over the winter.

Once we got home, I watched the Eskimo Kiss Project clip of yesterday and today's episodes of Alles Was Zahlt.  Have I said how happy I am that we're seeing more of Roman?  It's definitely nice to have Ingo back in town.  I missed him.  I hope he gets a local job.  There have to be other physiotherapy jobs around.
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