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Monday so far

I turned off the computer at 11:30 p.m., after reading a Hollis Shiloh book, Sweet Scents.  I was dubious about reading a romance where the protagonists were asexual, but it was a cute story.  I reread Rabbit Trails.  After I got off the computer, I started rereading Joey and the Fox.  I went to bed at 1:30 a.m.  I got up with my alarm at 10:00 a.m., so that wasn't bad.

My plan today is to go practice sign language with L.B. this afternoon.

Later: L.B. and I met at the food court at the mall at 1:30, had lunch, and went to the library at 2:00 to practice sign language.  I didn't remember many signs.  We looked at the DVD.  That clarified some.  We looked at Unit 5.  We'd gone up through Unit 4 on the DVD in Beginning Sign Language level 1.  Unit 5 had a lot of things about schools that wouldn't necessarily be relevant to an adult class.  I got the season 5 "Call the Midwife" DVDs to see the bonus feature.

Mom and I watched a couple more episodes of "Call the Midwife."  I said a quick hello to A.W. towards the end of the evening.  She said she'd had a busy day.

Later still: I watched CNN and then read a Riptide book, Gays of Our Lives.
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