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Well, at least I made it to an appointment today.  It was for 3:15 p.m., so it's not like I was supposed to get there in the morning or anything.  I should have allowed more time for traffic, as there was this big backed-up construction mess blocking up the road, with one of the side roads closed altogether.  So I left a message that I was stuck in traffic, and got there at 3:25.  I was thinking of parking somewhere and getting out and walking, but the parking lot where I could have legally parked was several blocks down from the building I was trying to get to.  Well, I got there, and picked up dinner on my way home.

I went outside for a little while, since it was still pretty nice out.  A couple of yellow snow crocuses are up.  The snowdrops are still flowering their little hearts out.  I think most are Galanthus elwesii, as they have thick leaves.  Only a few flowers open on the winter honeysuckle (Lonicera fragrantissima), and most of them are up high, but there were a few branches I could pull down to smell the fragrance of the flowers.

The sweet shrub, a.k.a. Carolina allspice (Calycanthus florida), has spread well into the former rose garden.  I liked the fragrance of the little red-brown flowers the first couple of years, but since then it's smelled like fermenting apples when you open the backdoor during their bloom time.  Maybe it's that the shrub -- well, shrubs, now -- is so much bigger, so the combined fragrance of the flowers is much more powerful.  It's really well-established now, and still sending out plenty of shoots, so I think we'll just have to deal with that cider residue smell when it blooms.  At least the cut branches have a nice scent, so it's no problem to prune.

Soap operas: I caught a fair amount of One Life to Live while I was eating brunch and getting ready to go out.  I thought the show was supposed to have Kyle and Oliver today, but apparently not.  I didn't watch Monday or Tuesday's episodes, but I can catch them on if I get super-motivated about it this week.

Alles Was Zahlt: Much Richard and Celine, and it was icky.  Really icky.  I started wondering if I would get icked out by sex scenes involving any heterosexual couple by this point.  I was pretty icked out by the Deniz/Vanessa scenes back when, by the Jenny/Marian scenes more recently, and by any sex scenes which included Stella or Simone.  I didn't have a problem with seeing Lena/Max scenes, or Jenny/Lars scenes, so I don't think it's a complete revulsion, just to certain pairings and characters.

Little Alexander is supposed to be fairly sick now, though the actual baby looked healthy enough, so there was much weeping from Lena, and scenes of her bonding with Max over the baby.  I remember a romance round-robin in which the writers got points for having the characters be "treacly" over the baby.  That's what Lena and Max reminded me of, the sheer treacle.

Roman and Deniz showed up at the Bergmann-and-friends flatshare for a couple of seconds, Deniz to eat day-old pizza and Roman to comfort Annette.  Katja was trying to comfort Annette as well.  It was really kind of sweet.  I would watch that part again if I had a way to just skip all the Richard and Celine scenes without stalling out the video.  I'm glad Ingo is back, and there for Annette.

Verbotene Liebe: Luise and Gregor have their happy ending.  I teared up a little when Christian and Olli said goodbye to them.  (Gregor is Christian's big brother.)  I still have three months of that to watch in just a little over a week.  I really do want to be all caught up.

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