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Sunday so far

I was on the computer too late, 'til nearly midnight on and off.  I read Kim Fielding's Christmas story last thing.  Uly's name is working its way into m/m romances.  I know he corresponds with Kim Fielding.  It was an interesting story -- some sadness, some happiness.  I read The Ugly Laws until around 1:00 a.m., and went to bed.  I think I fell asleep pretty quickly.  I woke at 9:00 a.m.

I got free books from promos.

Later: I planted the 'Rose of May' daffodils, the 'Apricot Beauty' tulips, and the rest of the 'Generaal de Wet' tulips.  The 'Apricot Beauty' tulips were starting to sprout, and I planted some of them rather shallowly, but hopefully they'll survive and not get eaten.  At least I got all the fall bulbs planted.  The ground was nowhere near freezing yet.  I watered some of the indoor plants.  The tuberous begonia has pretty flowers.  The zonal geraniums and Christmas cactuses are still blooming.  They make the dining room windowsill look cheery.

WhiteSheepCBD texted me to let me know that Rainjoy had posted a new chapter of her Musketeers mpreg fic a couple of days ago.  I told her I'd read it when I came back from my walk in the park with Mom.  After Mom and I walked in the park, we went to the grocery store.  When we got home, I read the new chapter.  Rainjoy brought the angst, but she promises happy endings.

Rainjoy said the Christmas season was a good season for her.  I said I was happy for her.  Christmas has not been the same for our family since my grandmothers passed away.  But perhaps we'll see J. and K. again, and maybe one or two of Dad's siblings and their families.

I touched base with A.W.  I made plans to talk to A. tonight.

I read "For Those of You Just Joining Us" Musketeers season two recap.  I had read season one some time ago.  There isn't yet a season three recap.

Later still: I talked with A. for an hour and fifteen minutes.  I told him about the plot of the latest "Call the Midwife" episode Mom and I had watched.  We talked about books and history and caught up on the week.
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