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liquor store run

Mom had a noon to eight shift today, and wasn't sure if Dad had gotten to the liquor store.  In Pennsylvania, we have State stores which sell liquor.  Until very recently, they weren't open on Sundays.  So she asked me to make a trip there, too.  I couldn't reach Dad.  It turned out that Dad had gone to King of Prussia to watch Avatar in 3-D.  When he got out of the theater, he called and said that he was pretty nauseated from watching the 3-D.  I wasn't enormously interested in the movie, but I could have shopped while he watched it.  King of Prussia is still one of the biggest malls in the United States, I believe.

Anyway, I was off to the liquor store to look for Mom's golden sherry.  They didn't have it, and I couldn't reach her, either, to ask if she wanted cream sherry instead.  I asked if they had French Columbard (a.k.a. California Chablis).  They didn't, but the wine guy pointed out the Chenin Blanc, which he said was quite similar in being sweet and fruity.  I figured that for $6.99, it couldn't hurt to try it.  I also picked up a bottle of pre-mixed Mudslide.  I had tried only a little bit of it a few years ago, as I was driving on that particular trip, but I remembered liking it.  It's got rum with coffee, chocolate, and cream flavoring.  I got cream to dilute it, in case it's a little strong for me.  (Added: The Mudslide was quite tasty, but should not be diluted with cream.  I think it has a fair amount of rum in it.  It's the T.G.I. Friday's version.  I'll have to try the original Kahlua Mudslides next time I'm shopping for liquor.)  I'll use the cream for Kahlua-and-cream, too.  So that's me, a big fan of fruity or creamy drinks.  I like virgin strawberry daiquiris, too, but guys are ashamed to order them for me.  I had one friend say, "It's for her," and point to me.  Would you say liking fruity drinks is girly?

I got to the end of October 2009 in the Verbotene Liebe clips.  I thought I'd lost an entire hour without noticing at all, but it was the computer changing the time, and everybody lost that hour, not just me.  I'd figured on losing the weekend to getting really caught up on the show.  I got a round of edits done in there, too, for a story close to a hundred pages long, so I actually did something productive Saturday evening, as well.  But I got through basically two years of VL in the last month or so (?), so I should hopefully be all caught up in the next couple of weeks.  Once I get caught up with that, I'll try GZSZ again.

I also have a couple of books to read, so I can discuss them with L.B. without faking it.  Actually, I have several by Josh Lanyon in my TBR file, as well.  I got them pretty much as they came out, so I have them.  The latest ones I've really read over are the Petit Morts stories, because I was proofing/editing them.  I think I've mentioned how much I liked Griff from Other People's Weddings.  Poor Griff.

I just haven't been reading much of anything except jobs I've been working on.  I'm with M. (Margaret Riley) in my feelings about Track Changes.  I like to go back and forth to see what looks better, and that makes a mess when Track Changes is on.  At least comments don't leave marks all over the text, so I resort even more to them.  Despite various rants, I do enjoy the proofing and editing work generally, and especially when I love the authors' work.

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