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Saturday so far

I finished proofreading A.W.'s story at 11:15 p.m.  I finished rereading Ethan, Who Loved Carter.  I had put it on the Kindle.  I went to bed around 1:00 a.m., I think, and woke a little before 9:00 a.m.  I feel well-rested.

I chatted a little with A.W.

A few hours later: I went to the Amish market.  I got Citrus Splash juice, jellies, a sugar-free apple pie, and an omelette for lunch.

Mom and I went to Target.

A.W. and I worked on outlining the rest of our collaboration.  We got the major points and some minor points.

Later: I read Ethan, the YA version of Ethan, Who Loved Carter.  It was toned down for teenagers, but much of the text was the same.  I'm glad there's a version now that older teens could read.

It was 85 degrees F here yesterday, and then today it was raining and in the 50s.  I brought in some of the jasmines.  The poet's jasmine is still blooming.  I brought in the patchouli plants.  I think I'll need to repot them.  I need to dig up and bring in the geraniums, the bay, and the lemon verbena.

Much later: I watched X-Men: Days of Future Past.
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  • Tuesday

    We have an appointment with the podiatrist, Dr. B., this afternoon.

  • Monday

    I should get to bed soon. I have various chores and errands to do tomorrow -- Monday during the day.

  • Sunday

    I should go to bed soon. I experimented with cooking quince. I got several tender plants ready to be moved inside.

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