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I don't feel the need to really go out anywhere when it's pouring like it is.  I have plenty to read, still some editing to do, and German soap operas to watch.  I got through May and much of June 2009 of Verbotene Liebe last night.  There were a number of good moments -- some conflict, but also decent making-up scenes.  I also liked that they had several scenes with one of the lesbian characters on the show, and Olli's Aunt Charlie trying to deal with having a woman in love with her.  Charlie said something like, "You know I don't have a problem with gays and lesbians" to Olli.

Olli replied, "You just don't want to be thought of as one of them."  He was pretty understanding, considering.  Charlie apologized to him.  He said that she'd better apologize to Stella, the woman in question, for some of the things she'd said.  It wasn't really an unexpected dynamic that Charlie would turn to her nephew for confirmation that she wasn't bigoted.  Olli was nice as usual, but he told her the truth.

A few days later, Charlie is quasi-dating Stella, though they haven't really done anything yet.  She asks Olli, "How was it for you the first time you were with a man?  That must've felt weird too."

Olli: "I was thirteen at the time."  (Translations by Ichglotzutube.)  Longtime viewers knew that by the time Olli was twenty or so, he'd had experience with men.  The way he spoke about it with Tom, acting on same-sex attractions was nothing new to him even then.  He and Charlie have this conversation when Olli is at least thirty.  Charlie sees having same-sex intimacy as this momentous step, which it is for her, but she's psyching herself out.  She would have done much better to ask Christian.

Charlie was definitely turning to Olli as her representative of all things gay.  It's the minority thing in which one person speaks for everyone in the group.  Most of the students on the GLBT organization's executive board at [local university] seem to feel that it's a responsibility of theirs to educate people who aren't familiar with minority sexualities.  As I've noted, I think that men who are truly bisexual are more of a minority than gay men, so Olli is certainly representing a minority viewpoint.  Not that he goes into detail, but the loss of his same-sex virginity seems to have happened well before he would have built up a really fixed image of himself as straight.

Another thing that strikes me about Olli and Christian's relationship is that Olli has identified as bisexual for a long time.  When Christian admitted that he was in love with Olli, he started identifying as gay.  It's not like he didn't have Olli's example of refusing to see it in black and white.

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