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raining today

So I'm doing laundry, and have a fair amount of editing to work on.  I'm doing random things around the house, too.  I'm watering the plants much more frequently since the jasmine and primroses dry out so quickly, so I checked other plants to see if they needed to be watered again.  I should have gotten out more when it was nice out earlier this week.  I can still see the snowdrops, although they're looking rather waterlogged.  There are some little clumps of them on the little hill behind the house and on top of the hill, and a few by the White Rose of York, which you can see from the kitchen window.  When it's nice out again, I should try to get to Winterthur.  They have a lot of spring bulbs, and the L. family has a membership there.  It's about an hour away, or a bit less, but it's not a bad drive at all.  The pussy willow is doing its thing.  I love stroking the catkins.  The sapling is actually a good size for the big square pot it's in.  I'll plant pansies around the base of it soon.

Alles Was Zahlt made me happy.  I haven't seen the subtitles yet, but it had Roman and Deniz with Katja.  Total cuteness overload.  There was also a moment where Roman got distracted from what he was saying because he was looking at Deniz's rear.  But who wouldn't be distracted by that?  Will post more when I get more than a vague idea of what they were saying.  The important thing is that Roman is back in town.  Added: None of what they said was really surprising, although it was nice that Katja insisted on paying for her lessons on time.

Did a little book shopping.  My first stop was at Samhain, where I not only saw the two books I was planning to get, but saw that Charlie Cochrane has another in the Cambridge Fellows Mysteries out.  I wrestled with MBaM for several minutes, then just as I was in mid-checkout, the system went down.  I tried again, and got the message that the site was being rebuilt, and sorry you couldn't buy anything or see your bookshelf.  I went off to Fictionwise (, and got the Cambridge Fellows book and one I hadn't read by Treva Harte.  Fictionwise really is a lot cheaper.  I decided to try All Romance e-Books (, and found the rest of the books I wanted there.  I probably would've gotten a discount if I'd gotten them through Samhain, since they're new, but at least I got them without a problem from ARe.

I went off to Amber Quill Press (Amber Allure:, and got the new one in the Vic-and-Matt (Powers of Love) set of series, one by T.A. Chase, and the new one in the Canine Cupids series -- I like stories which have dogs in them.  It's a bit of a pain in the ass that even when you're logged in on AQP, you still need to fill in your address each time you get something, but at least it's all on one website, you can download the books more than once, and it's easy to look on your bookshelf to see what you have.  Also, the stories I got were discounted.  That's always a plus.  If you buy ten stories from AQP, you get one free.  I've reached that level several times.  They even let you get a novel as your free book.

Loose Id ( is another e-publisher that allows you to download the stories you've bought more than once. (And has the checkout all on the same site.)  I guess part of the value of buying direct from certain publishers is being able to have more options and recourse.  Loose Id has certain "coming soon" books I'll keep an eye out for.

My e-book shopping pattern is that when I know I have a little extra money, I check the publishers' websites for books by authors I particularly like.  Sometimes I'll try new authors if the book has a nice cover and an interesting blurb, and the excerpt sounds good.  I don't want to spend just three dollars at a time on books.  If I'm shopping, I want to get a few books at a time, to make it a productive shopping trip.  Around ten dollars is productive enough, though I've spent far more than that if I want a whole series or a couple of series, or quite a number of books sounded good.  Wow, this turned into quite the ramble about e-book shopping.

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