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Saturday so far

I went to bed around 12;30 a.m., after finishing Dandelions for Dinner and starting on the next one in the series.  I woke a few minutes before 9:30 a.m.

A little later: I went to the library.  I stopped by the grocery store, too, before coming home.

Dad said that someone from Verizon was coming Sunday afternoon.  Hopefully they'll get more computers working than just the one that's physically connected to the router.

I talked briefly to YMCA-P.  I talked to A.J. and her sister B.  I chatted with Riah and texted a little with J.-PA, J., and WhiteSheepCBD.  Nicole Kimberling started a series about marketing for authors.  I recommended it to various people.  I enjoy Nikki's writing, at least what's not too gory.  I started Irregulars, and there was cannibalism right away, and I got no further.  But I liked The Red Thread of Forever Love, Turnskin, and the m/m books she's written for Samhain.

Later than that: I ended up talking for half an hour with WhiteSheepCBD.  She's trying to get me into another TV series, so we'd "have something to talk about."  She's been talking a lot about Rumbelle, and I have no idea what smashed-together names those even are.  The Musketeers ended in the spring.  Other than that, her tastes seem to run to whatever has musical numbers in it.  She's all about the show tunes, and would have much to talk about with my mother.  We got on the subject of romances, and I said I couldn't take m/f BDSM where the f was very submissive in a way that was like real life turned up to 11.  However, I liked Joey W. Hill's Natural Law.  That remains the only f/m BDSM book I like.

I told her about the sustainable living inspies I've been reading.  It's the sustainable living part I'm into.  I'm not into the rather fundamentalist religion, which also has a medical double standard.  A minor character in book 4 had an abortion, and it "messed up her insides" so she couldn't have any more children.  In the previous book, two major female characters had had D&Cs, one for endometriosis and one for a miscarriage.  The one who'd had a miscarriage was pregnant again in book 4.  So I suppose a spontaneous abortion is okay by the author.

In the first book, the female protagonist indignantly rejected the idea that she and her sustainable living partners were lesbians.  She was indignant because it wasn't true, she said.  It would have been interesting if they were.  I've heard real life "back to nature" lesbian commune stories.  Then you'd get into politics, though.  Somewhere there's a happy medium.  The spin-off series is not on Kindle Unlimited, so I guess I won't find out any more about the fundamentalist "back to nature" lifestyle after book 6 of the series I'm reading.

Later still: I chatted with A.W. and proofed another chapter of her book.
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