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American soap operas fail

Just saw on AfterElton that One Life to Live will be dropping the characters of Oliver Fish and Kyle Lewis.  Apparently their core demographic disliked them.  (  The show seems to be getting rid of a lot of the twenty-something and thirty-something actors, as one of the articles or commenters observed.  The great majority of the commenters on the TV Guide Weekly article ( said they'd started watching One Life to Live for Kyle and Oliver's story, and would no longer watch when they were gone.  They broke new ground for an American soap opera.  From what I understand, Kyle and Oliver had the first same-sex love scene on American daytime television, or possibly network television in general.  I was getting into the show, but now I'll stop watching when they leave.  It will certainly free up my afternoon, but I'll miss them.  Not that I watch much TV, but mainstream American television really seems to be going backward as far as having gay characters.  It's sad.
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