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I went to bed a little after midnight, but couldn't get to sleep.  I got up at 2:00 a.m. because I was hungry, had a couple of pieces of rye bread toast, and went back to bed.  I must have drifted off eventually.  I woke at 11:00 a.m.  I need to do better.

I avoided caffeine today.  I had a little decaf green tea in the early afternoon, but aside from that it's been all drinks with no caffeine at all.

I got gasoline and then went to the Tyler Arboretum to see the butterfly house.  It was a relatively nice day today.  The butterfly house at Tyler was not spectacular, and not as big as I had thought it was.  It had a lot of pretty flowers in and around it.  It had butterflies that were native to this part of Pennsylvania and cabbage white butterflies, which are ubiqitious but not native.  I saw a monarch, close enough that I could see it was male by the little black scent gland spots on its back.  I saw a few great spangled fritillaries and what I think was a mourning cloak.  I saw skippers and spicebush swallowtails.

On the recommendation of the guy at the entrance booth, I went to the demonstration vegetable garden to look for more butterflies.  I saw some tiger swallowtails and some more spicebush swallowtails.  I would've liked company, but it was a decent enough visit to the arboretum.  It was a nice day to walk around, so I wanted to get outside.

Poe had changed some of her fic to published fiction.  I read the published version of "The Laws of Sympathetic Magic," in which some of the names were changed.  Jax had really liked it, too, and she's a tough reviewer to impress.  I told Jax that it had been a fic, and that I could recommend lots of Avengers fic to her.  Jax said she didn't read fan fiction anymore.  I said I'd let her know if I saw any other Avengers fic writers going pro, or if rainjoy published her novel.

I said that Clint was deaf in the fic because he's deaf in the comic books.  Jax said they should have had him be deaf in the movie, that that would have been nice for Deaf kids to see.  I told her that many people had that opinion.

I reread some of Poe's fic, and some of Nonymus'.  "The Daily Rogers" is still a favorite of mine.  It's a modern-day college/university AU, but the characters are still perfectly in character, so you feel sure that they'd act that way in that situation.

Later: I told Poe I would proofread for her.  She had a beta reader for the fan fic version of "The Laws of Sympathetic Magic," but apparently didn't have a proofreader for the published version. 
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