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kind of busy day

Well, relatively so, for me.  I got to the secondhand bookstore today, and the romance shelves and the boxes of romances in the back were all completely in disarray.  I was a little cranky to see how the people filling in the shelves had put random historicals and a full row of Nora Roberts' books onto the suspense and paranormal romance shelves, but I should have come in on Thursday afternoon.  We have a row of Nora Roberts' novels on the contemporary romance shelves, and put the occasional historical one on the historical shelves.  When the back of a book doesn't have any blurb at all, just a big picture of the author, it's really difficult to tell at a glance what the book is about.  There's the same problem with Jayne Ann Krentz and Janet Evanovich's books, although at least with the By-the-Numbers series, the readers should have a good idea of what they're getting.  We're putting a couple rows of romance into the bestsellers section, and those shelves had the romances all mixed up with the thrillers and suspense novels.  So I did quite a lot of sorting there as well.  I put out another shelf worth of category romances in the romance section, and consolidated the rest in the back into a box and a quarter.  I didn't want to get rid of the second box, because I'm sure we'll get plenty more donations.
Did a big grocery-shopping thing this evening.  All stocked up on fruit, beverages, soup, and desserts, at least for the next couple of weeks.

At home: the minature rose is still alive (*crosses fingers*), though the flowers quickly faded.  The primroses are hanging in there -- not too terribly long before I can plant them.  The yellow-flowered one wilted dramatically when it dried out, but came back when I gave it a good watering.  Apparently it needs to be watered every day.  I'm trying to remember if primroses are wetland plants.  I don't think so, necessarily.  I'm trying to remember to water the double-flowered begonia often, too.  That's in a small plastic pot, so it also dries out quickly.

Soap operas: I was thrilled by Alles Was Zahlt today.  It's good to have the boys getting some real interaction time with each other.  I couldn't believe that Roman said that one of their potential renters had found Deniz' box of toys under the bed.  I thought that Aldi must have been kidding with the translation.  It gave the commenters much squee, anyway.  Aldi claims that the dialogue on AWZ is often innuendo-ridden, although sometimes the jokes don't translate well.  I can see for myself that their contention that the show is not subtle seems to be pretty accurate.

One Life to Live: Oliver Fish is still deep in denial about having very probably fathered a child.  I could see it for the first couple of days after he realized it was a possibility, and him having the same issues about someone gay being a parent as a lot of the viewers likely have.  At this point, though, he needs to take some responsibility, despite his own feelings.  Kyle keeps telling Oliver that he's a good man, regardless of his sexual orientation, and would be a good father.  Oliver is having none of it.

GZSZ: It's looking likely that Lenny will do some jail time for his role in robbing a kiosk and beating the owner.  On the one hand, he's too beautiful to go to jail.  On the other hand, he was a vicious member of a gang of thugs.  If you're going by rules of logic, he should pay for his crimes.

Verbotene Liebe: I had watched some of the previous couple of weeks' episodes.  I think I mentioned how hot Thore Scholermann is in those riding boots and breeches.  Dennis G. may be a "travel-sized German sex god," but Thore is up there in the running for the larger-sized German sex god.  I would never try to woo Lisabea away from her new secret gay boy friend, but there are a few episodes of Verbotene Liebe which have must-watch scenes.  I believe I've also mentioned that Jo Weil, who plays Olli, is a very good-looking man, too.  He has the most beautiful eyes.  It's not that I love Deniz and Roman any less, it's that Christian and Olli also have a place in my affections.
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