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Went to [local university] only to find that it was Spring Break.  K. was in the office doing some work, and said that M. was around.  I didn't stay long.  Since I hadn't had breakfast, I headed to a Chinese restaurant which has a pretty good buffet.  The waiter kept taking my plate whenever I got up, whether I was done or not.  I should have left a "still working on this" sign on it when I got up.  At one point I went to get a knife to cut up some of the big pieces of coconut chicken, and the chicken was gone when I got back with the knife.  I managed to eat a pretty good amount of food, anyway, once I figured out not to move away from the table until the plate was empty.

Alles Was Zahlt: Deniz was in some Stella scenes.  *spoilers*  There was a surprise Bunny sighting at the end!  It didn't make up for all the Stella, but it was a nice couple of seconds.  Added: It was better when I knew what the characters said.  I got the gist that Stella was going away for a while, but I didn't know that it was supposed to be six months.  EKP says permanently.  I'll miss Lars in a way.  I enjoyed him doing the boxing.  I wonder if there are new characters coming. 

One Life to Live: Kyle told Oliver that he'd stolen Oliver's DNA.  "At least I didn't cut you while you were sleeping!" Kyle said.  Shady Kyle is back with a vengeance.  Oliver was upset that Kyle was breaking the law again.  It creates some organic conflict to have Kyle the bad boy and Oliver the law-enforcement officer each having their own ways of doing things.  I maintain that Kyle had any number of ways available to get Oliver's DNA, although many of the ways would have been more consensual than the way he did it.

Verbotene Liebe: Watched a couple more of the more recent episodes.  This character named Rebecca has been extremely stalkerish towards Christian for several months, although Christian remains oblivious.  Apparently most Christian and Olli fans hate her with a smouldering hatred.  It's not so much a love triangle when two out of the three people don't know you're in love with one of them, and those two are in love with each other.  The love triangle between Christian, Coco, and Olli was much better.  You got all the viewpoints, and couldn't really hate anybody for their feelings.  This current thing feels so awkward and forced, and Rebecca's just creepy.  There's also a villainous character named Rob who's got naive Olli wrapped around his finger, despite Christian's bad feelings about Rob.  Christian and Olli's romance has had no chance to just be and breathe for a year or so.  That desperately needs to be re-established.  Like I said, I enjoyed the earlier episodes where their romance was really developing, in March and April of 2008.  I get the feeling the Christian and Olli fans have just been suffering for quite some time now.  I still feel constrained to get completely caught up, but it's not the delight it was.

So:  All caught up on Alles Was Zahlt; all caught up on One Life to Live, though that show is a time-suck; and getting there with Verbotene Liebe.  If I get all caught up with VL, I may try GZSZ again, but I don't see why I should feel forced to do that.  Being familiar with three of the shows should be more than enough.
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