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Friday so far

I listened to large parts of the last evening of the Democratic National Convention, so I wasn't done looking at blue light, which keeps you awake, until midnight or so.  I still felt tired less than an hour later.  I went to bed, and I don't think it took me long to get to sleep.  I woke at like quarter to eight for no apparent reason, but I wasn't groggy or anything.  I'll probably get tired early tonight.

I read the books on hummingbirds and birds of Pennsylvania that I'd gotten out of the library, and more bird books that I found in my room.

Mom and I went to the grocery store.

I reviewed R.A. Steffan's latest, which is a m/m romance.  I recommended it to Octobercountry.

I bird-watched from the house on and off during the day.  There are several first-floor windows on the west side of the house.  I didn't see the hummingbird today, but various birds were on and off the suet feeder all day.  One of the books said that catbirds were shy.  They obviously have not seen our catbirds.  The books say that catbirds like thickets, and we've got plenty of thickets.  Other birds we've seen had notations in the books about how they liked brush piles and tangles, which we also have.  I saw male and female downy woodpeckers, blue jays, the catbirds, and what I think are Carolina wrens on the suet today.  I'm sure I'm forgetting some.

I went out and took pictures of the cardinal flowers, Rose-of-Sharon, echinacea and tiger lilies.

Later: I never did see the hummingbird today, but I saw a tiger swallowtail butterfly on one of the tiger lilies.  As for rodents, I saw a groundhog running towards the blue shed, a squirrel running fairly near the house, and a rat under the suet feeder.  Apparently the rats don't mind red pepper the same way the squirrels do.

I read through bird books covering the eastern part of the United States.  I would not consider Texas the "east," but those books did.  Also they showed all of Canada, and some of that is definitely the west.  We have plenty of American crows, but we're too far south for ravens.  One book recommended putting out "rib cages" for ravens to eat to attract them.  The book did not specify what creature the rib cages should come from.  Just "rib cages."

I wrote to Uncle P.  I asked him when they up north stop feeding the birds in the summer, and when they start in the fall.  They're a couple of climate zones colder.  They live up past Bear Mountain.

There were updates to "Home of the Brave" and die_traumerei's merman!Bucky fic, with Steve being a baby social justice warrior and mer!Bucky being patient.
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