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Wednesday so far

I started rereading Widdershins.  I went to bed at 1:00 a.m.  It took me a long time to get to sleep, but I just kept trying.  I think it was the tea I had during the day.  I got up with my alarm at 10:00 a.m., so that wasn't so bad.

I got lots of free books from e-mail promos.  I talked to A.J.'s sister B. about getting together with A.J. at a Japanese restaurant on Saturday for their weekend teriyaki lunch special.

Later: I went out and watered the flowers and herbs in the raised bed, in pots, and in the herb garden.  The tiger lilies are in bud.  I'll have to spray the buds with Deer-Off.  Something ate the tops of some of the tiger lilies just as they were coming up, but left a few.  The cardinal flower I got is blooming.  The sorrel is doing well.  The little bay tree is still alive.

R.A. Steffan has a new book coming out.  This is a m/m one.  I said I'd beta read it and review it when it came out.

Later still: I read R.A.'s ARC and sent "curmudgeonly" feedback.  I said that I was something of a self-proclaimed expert in m/m romance.

YMCA-P. called.  I told him about the Friday Night Friends pool party next Thursday.  He hadn't known about it.  He said he'd be at church camp.  P. said that T. hadn't known about it either.  I hope A.J. can make it.

I talked with A. for about half an hour.  I sent him ARe gifts of Widdershins and Hunter of Demons and a link where he could download Cthulugirl's Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft e-book.
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