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getting ready for soap opera event

I got the more finalized schedule of events for the Gays of Our Lives weekend.  The Q & A sessions sound very interesting.  One is about the differences between the German soap operas.  Each show has a very different feel.  Alles Was Zahlt is a trip to wacky-land.  Verbotene Liebe is (as far as I've gotten) having a sweet romance between Christian and Olli.  GZSZ is pretty grim, with self-hating characters up until quite recently, when Carsten came to more of an acceptance of himself.  I very much enjoy AWZ, but I'm growing into a big fan of VL as well.

I haven't really looked up much commentary from Verbotene Liebe fans.  The AWZ fans are totally nuts.  Lisabea's and my birthday wishes to Dennis G. were really quite dignified and restrained compared to the birthday video EKP favorited.  (  I'd like to know who came up with the description of Dennis as a "travel-sized German sex god."  I'll have fun catching Lisabea up on the other shows with my take on some of the plots and characters.
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