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So Merry, an Alles Was Zahlt fan (one of the Eskimo Horde), asked me for some book recommendations.  I told her I'd just do a post, and my people would respond.  ("My people."  Heh.)  Presumably she likes gay romance -- don't we all?

Let's start with the authors I don't think actually read this.  Josh Lanyon ( writes mostly mysteries with gay heroes, some action-adventure.  The romance between the protagonists is usually understated, but not always.  One which is a total must-read, from Aspen Mountain Press ( in e-book and MLR Press in book form (Partners in Crime 2) is "Snowball in Hell."  Syd McGinley ( the Dr. Fell stories, told from the twisted point of view of a sadistic English professor -- and I do mean sadistic.  They're sometimes hilarious and sometimes heart-wrenching gems of writing.  "Pet Rescue" always makes me cry.  It's sort of midway through the series, and they should be read in chronological order, as they make much more sense that way.  J.L. Langley ( writes stories that just sweep you up on a wild, wacky ride.  I wish someone had told me that she'd previously published werewolf stories as Jeigh Lynn, as that would have explained a lot.  Anyway, look her up at Samhain Publishing (  We (Lisabea, Teddypig and I) like the werewolf (With or Without) stories and the Sci-Regency books an awful lot.  The Ranch series from Loose Id ( is also a popular one.  I especially liked the protagonists of The Broken H.

There are quite a few books I would recommend from the authors who post on Fiction with Friction (  I was a history major, so I'm a big fan of historical novels, too.  I love Lee Rowan's Royal Navy series.  (  Her contemporary novel, Walking Wounded, is in my TBR file.  An author who does sweet, understated romance is Charlie Cochrane.  You can find her books at Samhain now.  I really enjoy her "Lessons in"/Cambridge Fellows Mysteries.

There are so many other great authors I could name, but that's a start.

Now I get to authors who either do read this journal or might possibly read it.  Sarah Black added me as a friend, and I think it's the Sarah Black.  Her book Border Roads made me cry and cry.  I almost never cry over books, honestly.  I work for Jordan Castillo Price (, who writes mostly paranormal stories with gay heroes.  Sometimes they're classed as erotic horror.  I enjoy the humor in the books, too.  Another writer who can tend towards the horror is James Buchanan (  I really like Goths, and James is a true Goth.  I've done something of a review mixed with gushing for James' Nicky and Brandon (Taking the Odds) series, for Hard Fall, and for Personal Demons.  Lisabea/L.B. Gregg has a couple of different series going, one at Aspen Mountain Press and one at Samhain.  The second book in the Men of Smithfield series really starts with a bang, with quite the massage scene.

Lisabea, Kris, and Teddypig (or whoever else wants to throw in) can add more authors to my list.  I know they'll have great ideas. 

Added: Or you can go directly to the sources.  Before Lisabea started writing her own books, she did hilarious book reviews.  Many are under the tag "ManLove Monday," as that was a regular feature on the blog for some time.

Kris does some reviews, and some funny takes on gay romance tropes and things going on in general.  Her recent posts on the first time readers learned about a particular sex practice from the books they were reading are hysterical.  Be sure to read the comments.

TeddyPig does some book reviews, some commentary about things going on in e-Publishing and assorted controversies about certain books and genres, some analysis of the functionality of various e-Readers and new computer technology, and reviews of video games.  If you go to "Select Categories" on the right side of his site, and select eAuthor, eBook reviews, or eGenre, you'll get some great information.
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