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Friday so far

I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. finishing book seven in the Temeraire series.  I tried to go to sleep then, but didn't succeed.  I tried again at 2:30, and that time I drifted off.  I got up around 10:30 a.m.  I heard a text message beep, and figured it was from WhiteSheepCBD, telling me that Rainjoy had posted a chapter of a Musketeers fic.  I was correct.  It was an Affinity 'Verse chapter.  I read that.

I got the free Fridays Nook book today, and other free books.

Mom and I went out and about this afternoon, including to the library.  Dad started reading Elemental Masters anthologies, and I gave him the Elemental Masters books I had myself in the morning, and got more from the library in the afternoon.  I enjoyed the first, The Serpent's Shadow, but critics have said that the Tarot cards part was wrong and the viewpoint about India was offensive to some.  There was another one in the series where the main characters spoke in thick Yorkshire accents for parts of the book, and it was all written out phonetically.  I found it annoying to read.  There's another of Mercedes Lackey's books that I haven't been able to read because every bit of a character's bad stutter was written out.  I didn't get far with that.

I chatted a bit with Jules.  I looked at Alex Beecroft's tweets, and she was unhappy about Britain voting to leave the European Union.  I'll have to see what Erastes and Charlie Cochrane think.

Later: I worked on an editing job.  I read a cozy mystery centered around a tea shop.
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