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Today: I watched non-subtitled clips from fourteen episodes of Verbotene Liebe, ones with the young Olli (Channel: vlfaghags).  Then I discovered another YouTube channel (ireneks)  which had the transcripts for those same clips.  I was actually getting the gist of what was going on.  Tom, Olli's boyfriend then, was a total jerk, but Ulli, Tom's ex-boyfriend, was really hot.  Younger Olli did tell Tom when their relationship was starting that he'd dated mostly women, but had some men as well.  As I watch more of the episodes from ten years ago, it still doesn't seem like Olli was ever written as straight.  During the Ulli/Tom/Olli episodes, Olli showed on-screen that he was indeed bisexual.  He had no reason to just go through the motions, and there was some real chemistry there.  Like the more mature Olli of the recent past said, it's not black and white with him.  Twice he's fallen in love with men, and had serious relationships with them.  He's had one-night stands with men and women, though the show implies that a fair number of his one-night stands while he was away were with men.  I think part of why I thought (and still kind of think) that he leaned more towards gay was his capability to have such strong emotional and physical attractions towards men.

One Life to Live did have Oliver and Kyle today.  It was the "hot angry Kyle" for parts of the episode.  Oliver still wants nothing to do with taking responsibility for the baby.  We'll see if Kyle can change his mind.  Oliver thinks Kim would make a better parent than he would.  Kyle is still shocked and pissed that Oliver thinks Schuyler would make a good parent, let alone Kim.  I'm rooting for Gigi, with Oliver having total visitation rights.  Oliver certainly wouldn't have the free time, as a police officer, to raise a baby.

I was amazed how much of Stella the EKP ladies managed to cut out of Alles Was Zahlt episodes which were all about Stella.  If they wanted to show more than a minute of Deniz, they had to include her, but they took out a whole lot.  Not that I minded.  I'm surprising myself with how enthusiastic I am for the pairing of Richard and Celine, and I rather like Lena and all of the Bergmann sisterly bonding which has been going on for the last couple of months.
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