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March shopping

Got to the bank, cashed a check.  Went to Hair Cuttery, got my hair dyed really red.  I expect it will have faded some in two weeks.  The previous time I had it done, it faded to a strawberry blonde.  I got the Color Extend shampoo and conditioner again.  I was just about out of it.  Then I went to Party City, and got 25 glow stick bracelets for $12.99.  Next time I have money, I'll get the 25 glow sticks that you can use as pendants for $25.  I have a few random glow sticks now, including a couple of glow swords and a couple of fairy wands.  So I estimate I have about thirty currently.  Lilith said "Glow sticks FTW!"  I have no idea what "FTW" means.

My next stop was Payless Shoe Store.  They didn't have much left in the way of boots, but the manager -- that's what he seemed like -- found me some wide-calf boots.  They're not low-heeled, but they're not stilettos or anything.  It's more of a medium, sturdy heel.  They zip up the sides, and they're not too pointy at the toes.  I don't know about walking distances in them, but they look good.  So my preparations for two weeks from now are moving right along.

I tried to tape One Life to Live and once again failed.  I should have just left the TV on.  This episode is supposed to have Kyle and Oliver.  I'll catch it tonight on SOAPnet.

I found some Verbotene Liebe clips from ten years ago, when Olli was a wide-eyed innocent.  He was adorable.  The clips aren't subtitled, so I'm not getting that much of what they're saying, but I think at some point Olli says he likes men and women.  It sounded like "Mennen und Frauen."  Even back when, he was sure he wanted a man -- in this case, someone named Tom.  I like mature Olli, but young Olli was pretty clear on being physically and emotionally attracted to Tom.  His Aunt Charlie knew he was seeing Tom, so she would have expected Olli to be dating men when he came back to town, and the long-time viewers would have know what to expect.  It was just Christian who was surprised.  There's just so much of Verbotene Liebe to catch up on, but I want to be knowledgable in two weeks' time.  I don't understand the conflict between some Alles Was Zahlt/Deniz and Roman fans and Verbotene Liebe/Christian and Olli fans.  They're very different shows, and can be appreciated for their own styles and characters.

Alles Was Zahlt had some of Deniz, but just him, Lars and Marian worrying over Stella.  I have the feeling we're in for more Stella-centric episodes.  I couldn't believe that those big puppy-dog eyes were welling with tears for Stella.  There were so many other reasons the show could have had Deniz being emotional.  Richard and Celine had another encounter, which I have a feeling Eskimo Kiss Project will skip.  It was fairly explicit.  I didn't expect to see as much of Celine's breasts as they showed.  I appreciated it, but I was surprised they showed that much.  I rather like Richard, and him and Celine together.  Their pool-sex really was kind of icky, but I think they're a cuter couple than Richard with Simone.  I could do with more of scruffy-looking Axel.
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