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The Eskimo Hordes have set up a forum on Insane Journal.  (  I had an account there that I'd set up when I was trying to read fanfiction, but I was never able to get to those pages once I'd joined.  I expected much the same frustration as not being able to get my comments posted on YouTube, but I actually was able to post to Insane Journal with my carpooling plea.  Now that I've gotten a place to stay at night, it's not particularly urgent that I have people to go with.  I wouldn't mind having the company, though.  I put both my e-mail address and this address, which I don't usually give at the same time.  I expect that if any of the Hordes check it out, they'll feel free to comment.  I started writing about Alles Was Zahlt and Eskimo Kiss Project ( in September, and my German has gotten better and better since.  I'm picking up words on Verbotene Liebe that I learned from Alles Was Zahlt.  They're still mostly cognates, but I know some words which don't especially sound like their English counterparts. 
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