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Sunday so far

I went to bed around 1:00 a.m.  I woke at 7:30 a.m., but went back to sleep.  I woke again around 9:50 a.m., so that wasn't too bad.

I got free books from the vampire book list I signed up for, from the other paranormal list, and from BookBub.  I don't have any particular plans today, except to finish up the current editing job.

A few hours later: I got halfway through the editing job.  I went to Barnes & Noble to see if they could revive the first generation Nook with Glowlight.  R., the guy who taught yesterday's class, worked with it for a while.  He got it to go from frozen in sleep mode to off.  They charged it for a while while I ran errands.  I went to Wal-Mart and got stuff I needed.  I came back to Barnes & Noble, and the Nook wouldn't do anything.  They said to charge it overnight and see if it would do anything.  I think it's basically a brick, but it was nice of them to try.

Later than that: I got all the way through that editing job.

I attached the old Nook to the computer with the USB cord, and it showed the books I had sideloaded onto the Nook.  I copied them back onto my computer.  I had them all on the computer, but it was good to know what I'd sideloaded onto the Nook.

I texted a little with J.-PA.  I texted some with WhiteSheepCBD.  A. was working tonight, but we'll try to chat on Wednesday.  J. said he'd had a busy weekend and would call sometime this week.
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