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slow today

Today was a day in which I got nowhere fast.  I tried to get to sleep at two in the morning, and didn't get to sleep until five-something.  I just couldn't get up at nine.  I'm disappointed at myself for not getting to the program on orchids.  I'd rearranged my schedule, too, so the other three things I should have done today were re-scheduled, more or less, or at least the people were not expecting me.  I did call H., but she's working 4-12 tonight.  Perhaps I'll call P. and see if she wants to go shopping with me tonight.

*spoilerish*  Alles Was Zahlt was mostly about Stella, with some about Annette having nightmares and bits about Richard having heart problems.  Oliver knows what's going on with Richard.  Oliver was one of the main characters in today's episode.  I don't mind him at all.  Stella decided she didn't want the operation, and wanted to go home.  So the "special snowflake" (EKP label) went home until Oliver talked some sense into her.  I really wouldn't mind a soap opera in which a character stayed disabled, but it would be good if it was a likeable character.  All Deniz and Marian did today was wait on Stella, and wait for her operation to be over.  Deniz could definitely have been used for better things.  I suppose he'd have to be portrayed as having friendly feelings towards Stella -- he had that inexplicable crush on her, and they were figure-skating partners until Stella chose to comfort Lars instead of skate in a championship qualifying performance.  If she'd just let Lars drown Jenny, things would have been easier for everyone all around.  The show has had so many chances to kill Stella off, or send her back to the circus.  I wish they would do one or the other.  Lars could find a new girlfriend, hopefully after attending anger-management classes.

I only caught a couple of minutes of One Life to Live, but I'll watch it tonight.  Edited to add: Still no Kyle or Oliver, though the word is that they'll be on tomorrow's show.  Kim continues her ridiculous quest to get a hope of raising Sierra Rose.  I hope she at least puts the word out that Schuyler is not the father.  I don't know if that would be better or worse for Gigi, since she seems very anti-Schuyler at this point.  There was some with the tweens, in which I feel like I missed a few scenes.  I'm not heartbroken about that.  There was more with the veteran actors, and I enjoy many of them, especially the older generation of Buchanans.  I don't get the "Kramer women" hype, having not been around the first time they were, but whatever.  Oliver is looking like by far the best choice of parent for Sierra Rose, aside from Gigi.  He'd be much better than Sky or Kim, that's for sure.
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