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Rearranged my schedule so I wasn't supposed to be in Philadelphia, [local town] and [town considerably further away and on the Main Line] all at the same time Thursday.  I overbooked by having one thing that happens once a month, one thing I talked to H. about doing three weeks ago, and an appointment I'd made two weeks ago.  Now I'm just supposed to go to [Main Line town] tomorrow.  The garden club is going to go hear a talk on orchids.  If I get up in time to make it, it should be good.  The talk about herbs we went there to hear last year was quite good.  I knew the great majority of the information about the herbs, but it was pleasant.

Still working on when I'll get to the Philadelphia Flower Show.  The folks from the GLBT group can't make it, but I have other people I can go with.  I need to see when S.M. and her friend can make it.  W. was talking about getting a bunch of people together to go on Saturday.  I can meet up with them, and I'm sure that would be fun.

One Life to Live had more about Sierra Rose, a.k.a. the guppy.  Gigi, Schuyler and Kim (!) all want custody.  The only one remotely qualified is Gigi.  Oliver is trying his hardest to completely stay out of it, but he'd make a decent father.  Certainly he'd be a much better father than Sky.  I'm sure a good part of the audience will need to be convinced that he would be qualified, and it will probably take a while for Kyle to convince Oliver of that.  It is a teaching moment, that's for sure.

Alles Was Zahlt: I was sad that Roman and Deniz didn't get more time together, but the time they had was sweet.  Both tried so hard to make their moments together special, and you could see their love for each other.

I watched another month's worth of Verbotene Liebe clips last night.  The next bit is when Jo Weil (actor who plays Olli) goes on a theater tour for two months, so they need to split the guys up for a while.  I think it will be depressing, but at least I know they'll eventually get their reunion.  I really do want to catch up with this show so I can recognize clips and know what the actors have done on the show.  Christian and Olli have such great chemistry.

Called Aunt P.  She hadn't gotten my e-mail about me staying there in [town in north-central New Jersey] the weekend of the Gays of Our Lives event.  She said they had plenty of room.  It's a great relief to know I'll have somewhere to crash at night.  I couldn't have afforded to stay in a hotel in New York City.  I could have used my credit cards, but I'm trying to pay them down, not run them up tremendously.  So my ticket is paid for, I have somewhere to sleep, and I have appropriate T-shirts.

I'm thinking of getting the "Eskimo Kiss: We Do Believe In Fairies" T-shirt (, and the Weiss Kreuz Bishonen Works ( T-shirt which has Yoji in a long black coat, sitting and smoking.  P.L. Nunn tries to ship the T-shirts as quickly as she can once she gets the order, so I could still get it in time.  I found my Doc Martens, though I still want to get low-heeled dress boots.  But at the moment, alles in Ordnung.

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