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Friday so far

I turned off the computers before 11:00 p.m.  I tried to go to sleep a little after midnight, but that didn't happen.  I read a little bit.  I started Drive Your Truck, but it was depressing, so I figured I'd read it another time.  I took Benedryl around 1:30 a.m., and was able to get to sleep.  I got up with my alarm at 10:00 a.m.

I read the latest chapter of "Hands of Clay."  It was over 11,000 words.  The chapters might not come very quickly, but they're long chapters.  I got the free Fridays Nook book, and a couple of free BookBub books.

It's the Tyler Arboretum plant sale for members day.  It's raining hard.  I am sitting under my full-spectrum light for a while, and then I'll go out.

A few hours later: I went to the plant sale.  We already had begonias, geraniums and impatiens at home.  They had some nice coleus, but I don't know where we'd put it.  I looked at the herbs area and got ginger mint, spearmint and "Julep" mint, which I'm pretty sure is a kind of spearmint.  Members got a free plant.  I got another blue flag iris.  I looked at the perennials, but we already have a good number of perennials.  I was soaking wet from the rain.  I didn't even go look at the trees and shrubs.  I just headed out with my mints and free iris.

When I got home, I reread parts of books four and five of the Temeraire series.

Later than that: I went out to a Chinese restaurant with a buffet.  I tried octopus and calamari.  They were so spicy that it was hard to tell what they tasted like, but they were chewy.  I tried fried calamari, and that particular dish didn't happen to be so spicy.  The calamari was still chewy.  I tried frog's legs.  They actually kind of do taste like chicken.  I also ate things that were familiar to me.  It was nice to see the other Friday Night Friends.  A.J. sat next to me, and we were talking a little.

Paeonia posted a new chapter of "Quo Vadis," and I read that.
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