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Tuesday so far

I turned off the computer before 11:00 p.m.  I reread what there is so far of "The Home of the Brave," which is a crossover between Marvel and the Temeraire universe, with Marvel characters.  I have not read the Temeraire books, but I can still understand the fic.  I was exhausted and went to bed around 12:30 a.m., I think.  I didn't fall asleep immediately, but I don't think it took me long to get to sleep.  I got up a little before 11:00 a.m.  I must have really needed the sleep.

I got the free ARe book for today, and a couple of free books from BookBub.

I don't have big plans for the day.  I have my last flower and vegetable gardening class tonight.  I may do some gardening before that, dig up some little tiger lilies for the class.  I think they'd like that.

A few hours later: We're getting new siding put on the house, so I involved Dad in the project of cutting back the side of the big sweet briar that is close to the house.  I used my pruning shears and the loppers, and he did the part that involved the bow saw.  We cut that side back by a few feet.  It was nearly touching the house.  Now you can actually walk through between the side of the porch and the rose.

I dug up some little tiger lilies for the other students.  I tried to get some bigger ones, but the stems just came off and the bulbs must have been very deep.  So I got what I presume are one-year-old ones and a couple of two- or three-year-old ones.

I get e-mails about what's popular on Twitter among the people I follow.  Apparently a lot of people liked someone's rant about the publisher "Clean Reads."  I had not heard of the publisher before.  I've seen a lot of books advertised as "clean."  Of course, that means the opposite is "dirty."  But I don't object to readers wanting books without on-page sex or swear words or violence, as long as they're not also saying that LGBTQ people are bad, and as long as they're not giving bad reviews to books that aren't "clean."  I mean, if you don't want to read a romance with sex scenes, just don't read it.

Slightly later: I looked at the publisher's website, and they said "no homosexuality" in their submissions guidelines.  That's very broad and bigoted.

Later: I went to the gardening class.  There never was a class particularly devoted to flowers, though there was one devoted to vegetables.  I was a little bummed out about that.  The teacher gave us each a start of a strawberry.  That was nice.

I watched "Agents of SHIELD."  That was a depressing episode.  The next few look like they'll be just as depressing.
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