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I told H. some about my teenage years, and some of the especially vivid memories I had of going to [local university], and being a part of the GLBT group there.  Then we interviewed M.R., who had gone to [local university] part-time for a number of years.  He had a lot of interesting things to say about the eighties and nineties there.  He gave some description of how AIDS had ravaged the gay community in the 1980s, from the viewpoint of someone who'd seen it personally.  I hadn't realized just how political he was, but he had good reason to be.

Talked to J.S. about going to the Flower Show.  He hadn't gone yesterday, so we made tentative plans for Friday afternoon.  He was going to talk to D.S.  J.S. had some comments about what I said which surprised me.  He said he and D.S. had been together for a year and a half, but that didn't mean that he (J.S.) was gay.  I never would have thought that J.S. would ever have relationships with women, but apparently he has.  He's perfectly good with being seen as gay.  I assumed he was gay, because he certainly doesn't act straight at all.
The activity at that evening's GLBT group meeting was a cupcake decorating competition.  There was a $25 gift certificate prize for the winner, and a second prize of a T-shirt with the group's affirming statements on it.  (E-mail me privately if you want to know what the T-shirts say.)  I commented that some of the students quickly found ways to hide the evidence of the cupcakes they didn't want judged, and that they were eating more cupcakes than they were submitting for the judging.  K. said that they'd planned for there to be plenty to eat in addition to the decorated ones.  I just thought it was funny.

They should have gotten pictures of the cupcakes, because they were very creative -- a dragon head, stars and swirls and zig-zags of design, with various shades of icing and sprinkles, and even those little silver ball sprinkle-type things.  One student did a frosting version of Lady Gaga.  They put on music, and a bunch of students started to sing along to eighties songs.  Then they switched the music to show tunes, and the music majors -- there are a lot in the group -- started acting out the songs as well as singing them.  I put my iPod on and listened to Rammstein.  It's bad enough that my mother sings along to show tunes.  The activity seemed to be a big hit, though.  The students looked like they had a lot of fun with it.

Then it was a work night at the secondhand bookstore, the monthly display change for the sale, so I took the romances out of the front window, and replaced them with mysteries.  We sold some romances when they were half-price -- I don't think we did badly with that.  But it really cleared out the shelves in the back room to put mysteries in the front window and on the display table in the back.  I picked out some well-known mystery authors, and some who just write some pretty cool stuff.  I don't read too much in the way of mysteries any more, unless they're historical mysteries or mysteries with gay heroes.

Soap operas: AWZ had just a little bit of Deniz -- so far I've just watched the EKP clips.  One Life to Live didn't have Kyle or Oliver, though it did have Brody, Cris, and Ford.  I think every time I've seen Ford, he's been undressed, or at least has his shirt off.  It was cute the first few times, but it's actually kind of getting to me that they never let the man do actual work in which he's dressed.  It seems he's purely there to be a sex object.  I don't have a problem with men being sexualized, but I think, just like with women, that they should be more than just eye candy, that the characters should have some depth.  Going back to AWZ, Deniz barely needs an excuse to strip, but he's more than that.  He has his father around, he's had various jobs, played ice hockey, had friends, had lovers he's talked to while they're both dressed, does humor -- the character has a life far beyond just being a sex object. 
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