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Got out to pay the phone bill and make a quick trip to the crazy-busy grocery store.  Dropped Mom off so she could go to a book group led by the priest of St. F.'s.  Mother G. lives in [town in different county], so Mom had a bit of a drive.  Yes, our priest is a woman.  Went out again to [large independent garden center].  I got a couple of primroses, a pink tuberous begonia (I love the double-flowered ones), a little rosemary plant, and a pot of assorted miniature roses.  I am assuming that they're different cultivars of roses, as one has a light pink bloom, two have the faintest blush of pink, and one is ginger-colored.  Some roses change color as they age, certain China roses being particularly notable for having flowers which change to darker colors as they go through the stages of bloom.  Some roses fade lighter.  This one may be one of those.  I noticed that the garden center's little winter collection of herbs included a couple of good-sized pots of lemongrass for only $5.99 each, and some pots of pineapple sage.  If I thought either of those would survive in the house for three months, I would have gotten them.  I have my doubts about how the rosemary will do, though if I remember to water it often, it might pull through.

I did some proofreading and re-watched a couple of the earlier episodes of Christian and Olli's romance, when they're first getting together.  One commenter somewhere said that Christian and Olli were the best kissers of any of the gay couples on soap operas.  It's certainly an arguable point, but they have some good chemistry, and certainly seem to be hungry for each other.  I'm still enjoying that Olli is experienced and self-confident.  He knows what he's doing when he has a man.

Today was the first day of the Philadelphia Flower Show.  I got a ticket, and may go during the week, or on Saturday.  I'll see who I can round up to go with me.  J.S. is apparently big on flowers and gardening.  If he and D.S. didn't go today, they might be interested in traveling with.  S.M. from the garden club was talking about going, too.  I'll try to meet up with her.
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