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I've gotten into reading the YouTube comments on the Eskimo Kiss Project parts of Alles Was Zahlt episodes (, because some are hilarious.  Friday's episode, the EKP ladies said that Deniz and Ben had great slashy potential.  Different fanfiction writers and readers who watch the show especially want a Lars/Oliver pairing, and they've paired Roman with various other male characters.  I've previously mentioned my opinion that it isn't technically slash if a character is gay in canon.  I don't have a big problem if a fanfiction writer pairs up a gay character with a nominally heterosexual one.  It's their riff on the show or book they love.  I've seen some ingenious explanations of how a very heterosexual character is really bisexual, sometimes even with backstory.  You could justify it easily enough by imagining some characters as rakes who have tried both men and women.

A few commenters on the EKP clips from the AWZ episode made rather homophobic remarks -- and, boy, are they on the wrong channel to do that.  Others protested the slash suggestions.  The EKP ladies and many of their viewers write fanfiction.  They do whatever kind of slash or gay/turned gay match-ups they want to in their stories.  Personally, I didn't really see homoerotic tension between Ben and Deniz, just Igor D.'s great chemistry with other actors.  That really awkward moment when Ben says the last time he was really in love with someone was with his sister cracks me up every time I watch it.  Deniz's expression is priceless.  It seems that that would confirm Ben's heterosexuality, albeit incestuous heterosexuality.  I would much rather the show introduced more gay characters instead of changing a previously straight character's orientation.  So far they've turned Deniz from gay to sort-of straight, but still having lustful feelings for Roman; then back to gay.  I really don't know what they might do with other characters.

I'm happy with a show which has a couple of characters who are gay in canon.  I'm not sure what to think about Verbotene Liebe changing Christian's sexual orientation from straight to gay, but Christian and Olli have sizzling chemistry.  I'm really enjoying their romance.  Christian's change didn't happen overnight, either.

I'd like to ask all of the actors at the Gays of Our Lives event ( if they knew when they auditioned for the part that their characters were supposed to be gay, or if they found out later.  If they found out later on, I'd like to know what their reactions were.  I don't imagine Scott Evans had a problem with it.  I believe that Jo Weil, the actor who plays Oliver Sabel on Verbotene Liebe, knew that Olli was supposed to prefer men.  From all reports, Roman Wild was always meant to be gay.  Igor D. says he knew that Deniz was supposed to be gay.  That makes for four of the actors who likely expected it or seem to have taken it in stride.
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