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snowing again today

It was snowing pretty hard this morning, but Mom and I went out in the afternoon.  I am still failing somehow in setting a TV show to tape.  I program the time and date in, but somehow I'm not doing the right thing with the cable box.  If One Life to Live had Kyle and Oliver in it, Anthony Langford will have those clips on his Gay Romance YouTube channel.  It makes more sense to see the whole show, but you can figure things out easily enough just by seeing the parts with Kyle and Oliver.

While we were out, I got a new coat, as the zipper was broken on my winter coat, and Mom dropped off all kinds of bill payments and tax stuff.  I need to get out and see younger people, and do fun activities.  I e-mailed W., and she said some folks were talking about getting together and going to the Philadelphia Flower Show.

Alles Was Zahlt had quite a bit of Deniz in today's show, which was nice.  I'm looking forward to seeing what he said.  He's hanging out a lot with the Bergmann sisters and Ben, which is cool.  Ben said something about Vanessa, who Deniz also dated.  I'm quite curious about that bit.  I'm not really sure what's up with German soap operas and incest storylines, but they seem to be popular.  Apparently that was the original "forbidden love" on Verbotene Liebe, and Jenny had a thing for Max, even though she knew she and Max were half-brother and half-sister.  Ben and Vanessa had no idea they were related when they were going out.  Added: Got the subtitles, and Deniz was indeed adorable.  I think the Eskimo Kiss Project people were on to something when they said Igor D. just oozes chemistry with everyone.

It was really a pretty awkward moment when Ben said what he did about Vanessa.  Here's one comment: 
notoriouslyunique  "Only in AWZ does "I haven't been in love with anyone since my sister" seem normal *facepalms*"  No wonder Deniz looked away.  Deniz was pretty icked out way back when he realized that Ben and Vanessa still loved each other that way.  I wonder if Deniz will have a conversation with Katja about that.  Deniz already mentioned kissing Vanessa, so Katja knows that Deniz turned more towards the heterosexual (but still never quite straight) for a while.  Perhaps Ben will have that conversation about Vanessa with Katja.  I finally found the episodes in which Deniz and Ben fight over Vanessa -- 410 and the aftermath at 411.  Hopefully at least Deniz and Ben remember that, and Roman, who (with Vanessa) broke up the fight.  I don't know if Katja could handle it, but it's a big part of Ben's past romantic involvements -- perhaps the most important part to him. 

On a lighter note, Richard Steinkamp is re-introducing Maximum, the sports drink that gives people sparkly hallucinations, complete with disco music and swirling lights.  I'm looking forward to seeing the next people hit by the Maximum/vodka combination.  I think Axel and Roman learned their lesson, but I'm not sure Deniz actually interpreted drinking it as something not to do.  He said the mix was "der Hammer," but that was the immature Deniz.  I hope Ben and Katja try a sufficient quantity of samples to have their own sparkly hallucinations.

Talked to S. for a bit, told him about Lisabea's ManLove Monday reviews of J.M. Snyder's Between the States books (  He said his jaw dropped open when I read the couple of lines ending in " NO. NO. Bad KITTY!"  That cracks me up every time.
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